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Williams F1 to get a New Lease of Life?

Williams F1 to get a New Lease of Life?

George Russell

According some sources from Italy, it seems that Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Mazepin is in talks with the Williams F1 team about a potential takeover. As is turns out, Motorsport.com Italia reported that Mazepin approached Williams F1 a month ago. The Russian businessman even continued talks at the recently concluded 2019 Chinese Grand Prix.

Mazepin’s son, Nikita is a Formula 2 driver, so it would seem that the younger Mazepin is trying to get a shoe in. Such a move would mirror that of Lawrence and Lance Stroll, who did the same for Racing Point. Currently, Lance races for the Racing Point team alongside Mexican driver Sergio Perez.

However, Motorsport.com claims that the talks were solely aimed at a takeover and not for getting Mazepin a racing seat. Nikita raced in GP3 for ART Grand Prix in 2018 and finished 2nd in the championship. Now, in 2019, he is racing in the FIA Formula 2 championship where he lies 16th in the championship.

Williams F1
Nikita Mazepin

Coming back to Formula One and the Williams F1 team, their cars are languishing at the back of the grid. According to team principal Claire Williams, a fundamental problem is the reason behind the British team’s lack of competitiveness.

To make matters worse, they have a crisis among the staff members with a number of key Williams F1 figures leaving. One example is the departure of former Mercedes technical chief, Paddy Lowe. There was some respite when ex-employee, Sir Patrick Head returned to Williams F1 as a consultant earlier this season.

However, it is unlikely that Williams F1 will return to where they belong at the front, immediately. It will be a slow process and current drivers, Robert Kubica and George Russell, will have to endure the rest of the season. Needless to say, it was not the triumphant return to racing that Kubica was hoping for.

Williams F1 driver George Russell
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