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Baku All Set To Compensate Williams Driver George Russell For Qualifying Mishap

Baku All Set To Compensate Williams Driver George Russell For Qualifying Mishap


Currently, under fire from all sides of the F1 fraternity for their no-show this year, Williams are clearly an embattled team in the sport. This is both sad and surprising. For not only did it seem that returning driver Robert Kubica would have upped Williams’ chances of scoring but in George Russell, they anyways had the services of a talented F1 name, one who’s improving with each passing race.

But as seen at the previous Grand Prix at Azerbaijan’s Baku street circuit, the string of troubles surrounding Williams didn’t seem to end but only increased. As seen in the qualifying run of the 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Geroge Russell’s Williams ran over an open manhole pit, as it occurred, and as a result, brought the entire session to be red-flagged.

For an avid youngster wanting to make the most of his first-ever opportunity at a street-circuit, Russell’s Williams found itself simply stripped off any proper opportunity and that too for no fault of the British driver.

At the time of the occurrence of the weird racing incident, a leading publication shared-Russell’s chassis had to be sent back to the Williams factory after it sustained a hefty knock from a kicked-up.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of talk surrounding the negligence which led to such an unforeseen event, hitherto rarely occurring at the top level of motor-racing.

Trenchant criticisms were levelled against the administrators and those in charge of the Baku circuit. Finally, now, it appears that the matter is finally reaching a logical conclusion as envisaged in the form of Russell apparently all set to receive compensation by the Baku street circuit.

Yes, you read that right.

George Russell will most likely be getting compensation from the damage his Williams sustained as a result of running over a loose drain cover last weekend. In an official statement given to the press by the promoter of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix event at Baku, Arif Rahimov shared the following:

“Obviously this is our fault, we did admit it,” Rahimov told Motorsport.com about the outcome of the meeting he had with Williams. “It’s something that we as a circuit shouldn’t have allowed. We have checked again our insurance policy and it is fully covered.”

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