Williams Paying No Heed to Stroll’s Other F1 Options

July 21, 2018 3:04 pm

One of the most baffling news to come out of F1 recently was the report which linked Canadian Lance Stroll to Force India for 2019, as the Stroll family was unhappy with the performance of the Williams in his two-year stay with them.

His father, Lawrence Stroll, is a wealthy businessman and there were rumours of nepotism going around in F1 circles regarding his son’s move. Due to this he has been facing a barrage of criticism, which masks the low performance of his car itself.

But Williams seem to be unfazed by all those media reports. Williams partner, Paddy Lowe believes that it is ‘just that time of the year’. “I’m not worrying about it”, Lowe stated.

“It’s that type of time in the season when there are lots of stories around the media about drivers doing this or that. As far as I’m concerned, we’re working very much in the present with Lance.”

Lowe said he was not worried by Stroll’s F1 rumours

When asked if his non-commitment to the team is sending out any signals, Lowe said, “It’s true he hasn’t committed for next year. We haven’t committed to him either.”

“So it is an open point. We would love to stay with Lance and that’s our assumption at the moment.”

Coming to the team itself, Williams is badly struggling in F1 with a seemingly unidentifiable aerodynamic issue with the car. They sought to resolve it in Germany as they brought a new front-wing to Hockenheim.

Stroll’s teammate, Sergey Sirotkin felt that the new wing did make the car better. “Today we had a very busy programme in both sessions whereby we mainly focused on the front wing”, Sirotkin said, after practice yesterday.

“We found some very interesting and positive things which in return gave us better pace to work with. Overall, it is a good step in the right direction”, he added.

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