Williams Racing Boss Explains Reason for Change

Williams Racing

Earlier today, the RoKit Williams racing team unveiled a black, white and light blue livery on their 2019 car. The new livery was the result of Martini leaving the team and RoKit taking its place. So, the iconic blue and white livery will no longer be seen, but team boss, Claire Williams is surprisingly alright with it.

She said, “I wanted to show the world we are a fresh revitalised brand. I didn’t want to go back to traditional blue after Martini exit. It describes this new era as next-gen Williams”

“We are delighted to welcome ROKiT to our team as our title partner for the 2019 season and beyond.

“We share many similar values and aspirations with ROKiT; primarily putting engineering and innovation at the core of everything we do in our pursuit to be the best – the perfect platform from which to start a partnership.


“ROKiT is on an exciting journey in their world of telecommunications, as we are at Williams as we build the team for a successful future.

“Taking that path together will make us both stronger in our endeavours and so I can’t wait to get started.”