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Williams is Badly Struggling in Every F1 Race: Stroll

Williams is Badly Struggling in Every F1 Race: Stroll

The Williams team is a legendary part of F1 folklore, with drivers like Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell and Felipe Massa gracing the car. They were competitive for a long while but those days have disappeared.

Their Canadian recruit, Lance Stroll was gutted when he spoke to the media. “Unfortunately we have no performance, and it is the same story at every race. We are too slow”, said the 19-year-old.

“It is like being 25 to 30 horsepower down, so you cannot do anything”, he said to La Presse, highlighting the magnitude of the problem which has plagued them now for the last year or so.

Stroll was unimpressed with his F1 equipment

Even their F1 technical head, Paddy Lowe was not optimistic of them getting out of the rut they are currently in. “I don’t expect a lot of progress at Silverstone. We are counting on the next package”, he said.

Lowe was previously working with Mercedes and he enjoyed great success with them in his time there. But Williams is a different story altogether. “Not everything that worked well there can be moved here.”

“We need time for that”, Lowe stated.

The team could make use of the experience provided by F1 fan favourite, Robert Kubica. The Pole signed on as a test and development driver starting this season. But he was frustrated too.

“I did things that are not normally done and which should not be done by the driver”, he said after his practice drive on Friday.

“We must understand what is wrong with this car so that we don’t just have the same thing next February”, added Kubica.

Williams is somehow being kept together by the efforts of deputy team principal, Claire Williams. The financial gap is a factor in their downfall and she had admitted as much but as Lowe said, the near future is looking increasingly bleak.

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