Willliams Escapes F1 Criticism Because it is Too Well-Respected: Lowe

July 5, 2018 7:03 pm

Williams is currently languishing at the bottom of the F1 constructors’ standings and the extent of their struggle was highlighted by Lance Stroll the other day. But yet, the media and fans do not berate the team as much as the other under-performing ones (read McLaren).

When asked about it, Williams’ F1 tech chief, Paddy Lowe had an interesting answer. “It’s a very well-respected team. Frank’s [Williams] values, the way he’s approached motor racing, is instilled in the team and continued by Claire in a great way”, Lowe answered.

“There is a sense of sportsmanship and humility around what we do. You’ve got to look at the team and what it represents and particularly look at Frank and what he created.”

Williams F1 Technical director Paddy Lowe

Lowe also went on to reveal how self-aware the former F1 boss is. “I met Frank once in a hotel lobby when I was at McLaren and they’d had a really bad day, 10 or more years ago. I said, ‘Sorry about your bad day Frank.’ He said, ‘We were tested and found wanting.’ That’s his attitude.”

“I think people sort of respect and sympathize with our position when things aren’t going well. And they don’t tend to bail in and tear us apart. There are others that have less humility, who blame anything else but themselves when having a bad day”, he added.

McLaren and Williams have both regressed massively from their days of being competitive. Both are a part of F1 history, winning multiple titles and claiming drivers’ championships. Both last won a race in 2012.

Yet, Williams have escaped the grave criticism which seem to plague McLaren even when they have improved this year, lying in fifth place. This can also be attributed to Fernando Alonso’s media comments.

The Spaniard is constantly talking to reporters, explaining his tirades on the team radio while Williams do not have such open drivers. They vent their frustrations in a more reserved way.

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