Wimbledon 2007: The Day Roger Federer Wore His Pants Backwards

By 2 months ago

Roger Federer has had an amazing career filled with many amazing moments. Apart from those moments, there have been some extremely embarrassing moments. One of those occurred 13 years ago when he won the 2007 Wimbledon title.

What Embarrassing Thing Did Roger Federer Do?

After winning his 5th Wimbledon title, Roger Federer changed into his suit. This suit was extremely stylish. It was white and had the signature ‘RF’ logo on it. Everything was perfect except for one thing – He wore his pants backwards.

Roger Federer was standing in front of an entire stadium and his pants were backward. He was extremely embarrassed as he spoke about what happened.

“I went to receive the trophy, and as I walk down, I’m a bit nervous, and as I put my hands in my pockets, I realize that the pockets are going backwards, I was like, ‘It’s too late! I can’t change them anymore!’

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He will be trying to forget this incident ever happened and look at the positive part of that day. The positive part of that day was that he won the 2007 Wimbledon title. He won his 5th consecutive title there beating Rafael Nadal in a five-set thriller.

This positive part will remind him of the time where he was the most dominating player on the ATP tour. This will motivate him to become the player he was then and win some more titles. Unfortunately, He will have to wait for some time before that happens.

The coronavirus pandemic has suspended the ATP tour. The tour will be resuming in June just in time for the grass-court season. This will be perfect for Roger Federer as grass-courts are his forte. He will be aiming to win his 9th Wimbledon title at SW19. Let’s hope he wears his pants the right way this time

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