Wimbledon Championships 2019 has a Unique Tickets System

June 25, 2019 12:18 pm

When it comes to ticket procurement, Wimbledon has had a unique system of giving away tickets. Every year, they host a ballot for people in the United Kingdom, and a separate one for overseas. The Wimbledon Championships 2019 will be operated in the same manner as well.

If UK fans have succeeded in the 2019 UK Public Ballot, only then will they be able to pay for their tickets. However, in the case of returned or declined tickets, said tickets will be re-balloted. For each ballot, a payment due date is set to tally the number of tickets to be included in the next ballot. The new ballot will be held after the payment due date and the process starts all over again.

Coming to the history, the Public Ballot first came into effect in 1924. Thought-provokingly, entry into the ballot does not guarantee the applicants to tickets for Wimbledon. Instead, they find a place in the draw for tickets for the Grand Slam. Requesting tickets for specific days or courts is also ruled out, as they are chosen randomly by a computerised selection process.

The Overseas Ballot operates along similar lines, in other words, it is a lottery. As a result, there are no guarantees of a successful application. Instead, the idea is that every applicant should have an equal chance of success.

When it comes to sending in applications, the Wimbledon Championships 2019 is quite strict. In other words, It is a criminal offence to use false particulars when applying for tickets. If a person submits multiple applications or more than one application per household, there are chances that the offer of tickets will be withdrawn.

No Wimbledon Championships 2019 ticket can be sold, transferred or advertised for sale or transferred. This even applies to internet transactions, newspaper sales or other avenues, otherwise, these tickets will be null and void.

In accordance with the AELTC’s policies, anyone found breaking these rules will be ineligible to apply for or receive tickets distributed under the Conditions of Sale.

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