Wingman Disguised Toast Hilariously Explains the Perks of Going on a Date With Scarra

Published 02/02/2021, 11:34 AM EST

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and all the single people are trying to get lucky on the day of romance. Many are helping set their friends up with others so they have a date on February 14. One of these kind gentlemen is the gaming community’s beloved streamer, Disguised Toast.


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The bromance between Disguised Toast and Scarra is no secret to fans. It is evident on their streams while they play Among Us. Moreover, it is also fairly evident on the duo’s social media. Naturally, when Scarra found himself without a date this Valentine’s Day, Toast immediately came to his rescue.


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Disguised Toast includes Sykkuno and Corpse Husband in his master plan

Toast and Scarra are a part of the larger gang that helped Among Us take over Twitch. Among other members of the group are Corpse Husband, Sykkuno, Pokimane, Rae, and others. Toast’s bromance is not just limited to Scarra but also extends to Sykkuno. Moreover, Sykkuno and Corpse are also extremely good friends.

Toast used this web of relations to hook Scarra up with someone as he lured the latter’s possible partner with a chance to meet the gang.

ladies if you date this man that means one day you might get to meet me, which means one day you might get to meet sykkuno, which means one day you might get to meet corpse

so don’t miss this chance

— Disguised Toast (@DisguisedToast) February 2, 2021

With Corpse as the ultimate prize, who wouldn’t want to go out with Scarra! Either people can use Scarra to climb the social ladder, or they can have an amazing time with Scarra and also stand a chance to meet his gang.

Fans react to the chance to meet popular Among Us streamers

Whether Disguised Toast was serious about the proposition is still uncertain. However, applications and reactions are pouring in on Twitter and it also includes some popular names.

this would be a certified win

— karl 🙂 (@KarlJacobs_) February 2, 2021

Well I already met you, who can we change you out with? I would need maximum perks to put up with this man 🥱

— IMT Ptero (@Pterodactylsftw) February 2, 2021


— Aria (@AriaSaki) February 2, 2021


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The people interested crosses gender boundaries. It’s not just females who are interested in going out on a date with Scarra on Valentine’s day. Instead, people anywhere on the spectrum want to meet some of the most popular streamers worldwide.

me when i cant meet corpse or sykkuno bc i am a guy

— Ryan M (@ryan_ryan157) February 2, 2021


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Fans cannot keep their excitement in as they get to see a big brain move by Disguised Toast outside of Among Us. Moreover, Sykkuno’s pretend friendship with Corpse is finally useful for someone who gets to go out on a date with Scarra.


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