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Winless Ferrari Confirm New Updates For 2019 Monaco Grand Prix

Winless Ferrari Confirm New Updates For 2019 Monaco Grand Prix


That Ferrari haven’t yet won a race in 2019 sounds strange. In fact, absurd is the term.

And one wonders when was the last time that the thrashing delivered to Ferrari by its antithesis called Mercedes hurt the team that hard?

A question, therefore, that may strike its fans could be this.

What can one expect the Maranello-based team up ahead in the Monaco Grand Prix? Can its winless drivers, albeit one that wear the not so instantly recognizable phrase- Win-Now- make a difference at the famous street circuit?

As it is, both drivers seem to be functioning on a strategy that is agnostic to winning or believing in themselves in the first place.

Particularly for the Tifosi- Ferrari’s ensuing problems don’t really inspire a lot of confidence.

That being told, here is something that may actually help the Italian team pull itself together at Monaco. News has it that that the team has brought some upgrades for the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix. This, it ought to be remembered is a track where Vettel last won in 2017 at the behest of his then-teammate Raikkonen enduring the team-orders, thus helping Vettel’s chances.

Surely, how Kimi couldn’t win the race post his first and only pit can be put down to the Finn’s slowing reflexes et cetera.

So what exactly did Mattia Binotto have to say about his team at the back of recent upgrades? Ferrari, it must be remembered, happen to be a team for which late great Niki Lauda once drove in four back-to-back seasons, starting 1974 until 1977.

Lewis Hamilton
Credits: Grand Prix 247

“The run-up to this Monaco Grand Prix has been perturbed by our sadness at the news of Niki’s death. His straightforward no-nonsense approach will be missed in Formula 1 and it will seem strange for all of us not seeing him in the paddock. Niki was a standard bearer for Ferrari and for Formula 1 and he pushed through changes in motor racing that made it even more professional, being ahead of his time in terms of being a stickler for detail which is now very much a key element of our sport.”

There was more the Swiss-born team boss shared about the team.

Turning now to this weekend’s race, last week’s testing in Barcelona and analyses carried out in Maranello confirmed just how much this year’s tyres, which are very different to those we had in 2018, require different mechanical and aerodynamic settings to work properly. We are already working in Maranello on evaluating new concepts, as well as bringing some initial further updates here.”

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