“Tom Brady’s the Only Person I Talk to on the Bench”: A’ja Wilson Shares NFL Legend’s Invaluable Presence in WNBA Championship Season

Published 02/23/2024, 8:12 AM EST

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Last year, turning the tussle into a back-to-back title-defending win, A’ja Wilson and Co., the Las Vegas Aces proved why they are well-suited to be the champions. Moreover, the celebrations didn’t stop after that as the Aces’ winning parade rocked the whole city. Notably, with their performance they put women’s sports on the global map on a grander level. This in turn has attracted the support and caught the attention of their male counterparts across divisions and sports, including the NFL legend Tom Brady.

Moreover, Brady’s recent actions in supporting and uplifting women’s sports have left many female athletes including A’ja in complete awe. Let’s explore.

Tom Brady having a seat at the table


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Tom Brady is a name that needs no introduction. However, he has become more significant in association with women’s sports. Last year in March, Brady became the minority owner of the Las Vegas Aces. His interest in women’s sports grew with his experience attending his older sisters’ games. Notably, his first interaction with the team occurred when he attended one of their games where he sat courtside at the team’s home win against the Connecticut Sun in May 2022.

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Mesmerized by their performance, he expressed his excitement about joining the organization saying, “I am very excited to be part of the Las Vegas Aces organization. I have always been a huge fan of women’s sports, and I admire the work that the Aces’ players, staff, and the WNBA continue to do to grow the sport and empower future generations of athletes. To be able to contribute in any way to that mission as a member of the Aces organization is an incredible honor,” 


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“My love for women’s sports began at a young age when I would tag along to all my older sisters’ games—They were by far the best athletes in our house! We celebrated their accomplishments together as a family, and they remain a great inspiration to me,” he added describing how his love for women’s sports originated in the first place.

Tom Brady as the No.1 quarterback of all time fawning is a huge compliment in itself, and it got even more overwhelming for the Aces when his ownership news of the Aces flew to the 2023 WNBA champion A’ja Wilson.

With Brady’s presence, A’ja Wilson on Cloud 9

Last season’s WNBA champions are flying high in lifted spirits after defending the WNBA title back-to-back for 2 years. However, things turned more special and celebratory with Tom Brady joining the Aces ownership group like a cherry on top.


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The 2023 WNBA Finals MVP A’ja Wilson talks about her interactions with the Super Bowl legend, “We were like, ‘Oh my god, Tom Brady.’ But then I also had an opportunity to be on his podcast as well, and it’s pretty amazing. When you talk to him, you understand why he’s great. And I love having those conversations with people that have been in that limelight that knows that struggle to get to that point. And it’s been truly amazing.”

Wilson told PopCulture when Brady graced the court with his presence in the WNBA championship season saying, “I feel like Tom Brady’s the only person I talk to on the bench, and Becky [Harmon] won’t get mad, so it was pretty cool just to see him at the game.”

There is always a benefit to having a person with the same athletic mindset and sportsman spirit to be present at the table. This statement holds with Tom’s presence as the Aces ‘minority owner, as A’ja puts it, “I’m glad that he chose us because obviously, it’s like, we’re cool, but Tom Brady has a seat at the table and from there we can do some things. So anytime you’re in a room with someone that can really sit at the table and have a voice, oh, we’re all for it, like, here we go, here’s our list. Thanks. So he’s super cool and super open to learning more about women’s basketball and things like… I mean, obviously, he grew up with a lot of sisters, so he’s familiar with that.” 


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With the Aces’ passion to win and Brady’s support for the athletes, this sip will definitely beat the high waters.


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