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Toto Wolff Eyeing Max Verstappen in the Future

Toto Wolff Eyeing Max Verstappen in the Future

As the season winds down, a number of drivers are scrambling to secure a decent seat next year. This is because several F1 stars find themselves coming to the end of their contracts in 2018. Speaking to the media, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has admitted that he is keeping s close eye on Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

Aside from him, both Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo will be in demand at the end of the current season. However Ricciardo may be a more lucrative option due to Lewis’ intense financial demands.

Now, there are whispers that Ricciardo is waiting for Hamilton to blink first. The Australian knows that he will on top of Mercedes’s Christmas list if they need to replace their champion driver.

Toto Wolff

But Hamilton also knows that Ricciardo’s ties increases his own bargaining position with Mercedes.

Coming back to Verstappen, his and Sebastian Vettel’s contracts expire at the end of the 2020 season. Reportedly, Ricciardo is looking for a two-year-contract so he can take advantage of Vettel’s and Verstappen’s situations.

“He’s one of the most talented and fearless drivers of the moment,” Wolff said. “However, Max decided he wants to stay with Red Bull until 2020 and we respect contracts.

“We should have a talk in 2021.”

Hamilton may be aware that he won’t be around forever. Wolff could be targeting Verstappen as he is likely the best possible candidate to replace Hamilton.

Despite criticism over his recent problems and aggression, Verstappen is undoubtedly a driver with enormous potential.

He holds the record for the youngest driver to achieve nearly everything in the record books. The only item left on the agenda is becoming the youngest F1 world champion.

And Wolff would very much like to be the person give Verstappen a shot at the F1 title. But now, we are still in 2018 and are currently anticipating the Canadian Grand Prix.

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