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Women’s final – Serena V Kerber : 5 talking points

Women’s final – Serena V Kerber : 5 talking points

 The Australian Open women’s final between the German Angelique Kerber and Serena Williams turned out to be a mega blockbuster with great display of shot-making from both players.

To our immense surprise, Serena, who was the popular choice and was expected to win the title since she has a record of 21-4  in Grand Slam finals lost the match 4-6 6-3 6-4 .

Kerber won her First Grand Slam and became the first German to win a Grand Slam since the turn of the century.

What followed was not World War 3 but great sportsmanship spirit displayed by Serena Williams as she came around the net to congratulate her worthy opponent.

In this article we present to you the 5 talking points of the women’s finals

1 . Serena’s Serve Misfires

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The Serena Williams serve is arguably the best shot in women’s tennis at this moment.

But in the final against Angelique Kerber, she put in just 53% of her first serves and won a meagre 69% points of it. She served 6 double faults and managed to hit only 7 aces

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