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World Cup 1992 Moments : Jonty “SUPERMAN” Rhodes

World Cup 1992 Moments : Jonty “SUPERMAN” Rhodes

It was March 8, 1992; the day ground fielding was redefined by a man called Jonty Rhodes. It was the 22nd match of World Cup 1992 between Pakistan and South Africa. The venue was Gabba, Brisbane. The required run rate took a sudden climb due to the bizarre rain interruption rule which prevailed at that time. The first nine overs after the interruption saw 61 runs on the board by the Pakistani pair, with Inzamam racing to 48 from 43 balls. At this time came the defining moment that raised the bars for fielders across the world.

McMillan sent down a delivery to the batsman. Inzamam heaved to the leg side and the ball struck the pad and rolled towards the backward point. With the asking rate well above nine runs an over, Inzamam set off to steal a single. However, Imran at the other end sent back the rookie batsman. The young player stopped, swiveled and sprinted back. From backward point Jonty Rhodes streaked in. He swooped down on the ball, thinking out his course of action faster than his incredible movements. The ball was in his hand, yet he did not throw it. Instead he threw himself, all the way, and the three stumps were uprooted with the desperate batsman five inches short of his ground.


This incident made Rhodes a hero, a pin up boy of cricket, and redefined fielding forever.

Edited by Shivang Aggarwal

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