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Worst leave by a batsman in history of cricket

Worst leave by a batsman in history of cricket

Leaving a ball is as important as any other shot in the manuals of cricket. Every coach teaches his player to leave a ball out side the line of stumps for which he doesn’t have full confidence to play. With the advent of T20 cricket modern day batsmen tend to strike each and every ball irrespective of the ball bowled.

It was day 5 of Ford Ranger Cup and two big teams in Australian domestic circuits- South Australia and New South Wales were against each other.Grant Lambert the New South Wales’s lower order batsman was at the crease and was up against Shaun Tait who was bowling quick and high-pitched deliveries and had already taken 3 wickets in the match.
But Grant Lambert had other plans in his mind and he  showcased his skills by going too much away from the stump. Shaun Tait bowled a quick delivery targeted middle stump while Grant Lambert was nowhere near it.
He was clean bowled and even commentators had no clue what he was trying to do.This has to be the worst leave and the dumbest and funniest way to get out in the history of cricket.

Check out the leave by Grant Lambert! Enjoy!!

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