The Worst Team in the NBA this season: Chicago Bulls –

The Bulls have struggled to win games towards the end of regular season.

The Chicago Bulls were touted as a strong team in the offseason last year. But now they somehow remind us of the Lakers team from a few years back. Too many stars, too few wins!

The Chicago Bulls are currently ranked 10th in the east. The Bulls lost the 8th seed to the Milwaukee Bucks recently and they’re not showing signs of recovery. They’ve lost seven of their last ten games and with teams such as Miami Heat and the Bucks gunning for the 8th seed, their chances of making the playoffs are fading with every game.

The Bulls acquired Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo this off-season to pair up with Jimmy Butler. This experiment of putting three ball-dominant players on the same team has failed terribly. Bulls have been dealing with a variety of issues throughout the season. Rajon Rondo has had chemistry problems with Head Coach Fred Hoiberg ever since he landed in Chicago. There was also a lot of locker-room heat between three star bulls. Fitness is also a major issue for the Bulls team. No Bull has played all the games this season except Robin Lopez. Dwyane Wade recently suffered yet another season-ending injury. Their 33-37 record doesn’t reflect half of their problems.

Jimmy Butler is having a tremendous season stat-wise.

Despite all this, three time all star Jimmy Butler is pretty optimistic about the rest of the games and hopes to take charge of the team now that Dwyane Wade is gone.

The Bulls have some major restructuring to do. Head Coach Fred Hoiberg will most probably be fired by the Bulls front office as his system of play has clearly failed in the windy city. They also need to let Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo go for the good of the team. It might not be long until Jimmy Butler leaves the Chicago Bulls and they need to start building the team around him from scratch. The Bulls still have some decent talent in Nikola Mirotic, Robin Lopez, Michael Carter-Williams and rookie Denzel Valentine to build the team around Jimmy Butler who clearly wants to win.


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