“Would Have Expected a Title By Now” – Daniel Ricciardo Delivers a Sad Statement Considering His Current Situation

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Daniel Ricciardo says he expected to be in any event a one-time F1 world champion at this point however doesn’t lament the manner in which his career has worked out.

Daniel Ricciardo concedes neglecting to expand on an excellent first year with Red Bull in quite a while left him “underwhelmed” to have no Formula 1 title to his name.

Ricciardo was elevated to accomplice then-ruling four-time champion Sebastian Vettel at the Red Bull F1 and caused perhaps one of the biggest shocks of recent times by outscoring the German over the year.

The Australian completed a vocation best third in the drivers’ standings. He accumulated 71 points more than Vettel in 19 races and recording three-race triumphs to Vettel’s zero.

In spite of four further successes throughout the following four years, Ricciardo settled on a new test and marked with Renault for 2019.

“I would’ve expected a world title or three,” said Daniel Ricciardo

In an exclusive interview with Formula 1, Daniel Ricciardo said he’d expected to accomplish increasingly after his hair-raising 2014 battle. He is presently in his tenth season racing in the championship.

“It’s what I certainly aimed to have. But if I’m really honest with you, after my year in 2014, if I then look at 2020. I would’ve expected a world title or three,” said Ricciardo.

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“From 2014 onwards, I’m certainly not surprised, if anything I’m a little bit underwhelmed.

“But in 2011, to put myself here and to know the impact I’ve had in the sport and where I’ve put myself, then for sure I’m happy, I’m proud. But I’m not there yet and not done.”

“At first I felt other competitors would take advantage of me being the nice guy,” Ricciardo continued.

“Especially when I got into F1 it was like, ‘He’s too nice, we’re going to bully him on the track’. I think they did for the first six months. I felt like that was going to be a reputation that was going to stay with me unless I quickly adapted.

“Then it was really 2014 when I felt everyone was still saying, ‘He’s got a fast car now but he’s still a soft touch’. I could play to that and surprise them on track.

“That’s where these dummy overtakes, these lunges, I feel I really caught everyone by surprise. That was very powerful for me.

“I know what I’m capable of. Even know I’m smiling, but I’m quietly killing with a smile. It’s good.”

Ricciardo is planning to help Renault enhance its fifth-place finish in the 2019 constructors’ standings.

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