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Wozniacki talks about on-court coaching

Wozniacki talks about on-court coaching

The reigning Australian Open champion, Caroline Wozniacki backs Serena Williams for the right in asking tennis authorities to introduce on-court coaching in Grand Slams as well. The 2017 WTA Finals champion, Wozniacki told the reporters after her victory against Petra Kvitova in SingaporeMost of the tennis players feel the on-court coaching should be put into practice. Novak Djokovic perceives to it to be a good move to implement this regulation. He says, “I think coaching is something the sport needs to embrace, it’s part of the story”. However the 20-time Grand Slam Champion, Roger Federer is concerned about the other side of the issue. He thinks about those budding players who do not have the resources for a good coaching team. The rule will be unfavourable for the players who cannot afford a good coaching facility. Federer is partially in favour of the matter.

WTA calls for equal treatment of players, on-court coaching

The Dane said, “I think basically all sports have on-court coaching or have coaching, so I don’t see why not in tennis”.Wozniacki turns up to her father in the middle of the tennis matches and she believes its a plus to receive on-court coaching. Further, she continued, “I just try and get the information that he feels I may need. That’s why I don’t really talk much. I just kind of absorb. And then I have my own opinion, as well. If he says something that I think I can use, then I use it. If I think that he says something that I don’t agree with, then I just do my own thing”.

Caroline Wozniacki receives on-court coaching from her father, Piotr, at Indian Wells

Wozniacki shared her relationship with her father. She feels her father always had high regards for her. “I think the fact that he’s respected me since I was a kid and respected my opinions and he could see that I could really hold my own, as well, I think has made our relationship this strong”, Wozniacki shared.

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