‘Body Is Not Quite Ready’ – Steffi Graf Hit by Severe Reality Check Ahead of Exciting $1 Million Pickleball Slam 2 Clash With Andre Agassi

Published 02/03/2024, 3:48 AM EST

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Pickleball and tennis stand together as types of racket ball sports, but at the same time, they are poles apart from each other. While a lot of tennis players don’t like the rising sport, some of the former players, including Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi, are embracing the sport. As the pickleball Slam two is about to start, the 54-year-old German tennis player, who will be a part of the event, poured her feelings on shifting from tennis to pickleball.

Not only that, the 22-time Grand Slam champion also opened up about how $1 Million pickleball gave her a reality check regarding her mindset and determination as a player. Let’s take a look at what Graf’s sporting reality looks like.

Pickleball gives a sporting reality check to Steffi Graf


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For Pickleball Slam 2, it’s Graf pairing up her husband to play the sport against John McEnroe and Maria Sharapova. Recently, she opened up about how it took her a bit of time to adjust to the new sport after playing tennis for more than two decades. Recently, in an interview, she talked about how it was not an easy time for her to move from tennis to pickleball.

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She stated, “I have not had an easy time. I want to move around. I want to hit the ball. I don’t want to slow down and be patient, waiting for the right moment to attack. I tend to want to keep my feet moving. That’s what I learned in tennis. My mind knows what I should be doing, but my body is not quite ready to let that tennis mind go.”


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Subsequently, she also highlighted how it took her a while to change her tennis habits to how the other sport takes it. Further, she also highlighted how her mind knows that she is taking on a new sport, but her body at the same time is not ready to leave tennis behind. Last year, her husband was a part of the pickleball slam, but this year, both of them will be seen participating in the event together.

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Not only that, just a few months ago, the 8-time Grand Slam champion opened up about his feelings regarding playing pickleball with her wife as a doubles pair.


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Andre Agassi’s cheeky take on playing pickleball with his wife

A few months ago, when the 53-year-old American tennis player appeared on the Pat McAfee Show, he opened up about his experience playing pickleball. Along with that, he also talked about how his wife also got into the same sport and, at the same time, took a sarcastic dig at practicing pickleball with his wife.

He stated, “I have been playing it with my wife too, which, by the way, can either add a great deal to your relationship or it can ruin it. So you gotta be careful with that one.” Subsequently, he also highlighted how both of them just wanted to get on the court once again, and because of this, they chose to play the sport together.


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Nevertheless, what are your thoughts on Graf’s recent confession over pickleball? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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