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Decades Into Shaping up Careers of Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, 68-Year-Old Tennis Veteran Brings up Carlos Alcaraz to Stress Upon a Serious Point to Coaches

Published 05/09/2023, 3:24 AM EDT

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The legendary former coach of Venus and Serena Williams, and Maria Sharapova, Rick Macci is still keenly invested in the sport. Seeing the rise of young tennis players like Carlos Alcaraz Garfia, Macci has some stern advice for the coaches. The renowned coach has even sided with British tennis player Emma Raducanu who has been shunned by tennis enthusiasts for poor performance. But with Macci’s latest statements, he holds the coaches accountable.

It is a fact that we only see the players lifting the trophies. The coaches are on the sidelines. However, these same coaches play an integral part in forming the career of their players. So much so that, they can either make them or break them.

Rick Macci, coach of Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova quotes Carlos Alcaraz Garfia to set an example for tennis coaches


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The achievement curve of Carlos Alacaraz Garfia has been going up since last year. Continuing on the same footing, the Spanish tennis star has yet again proved his worth by defending his title at the Madrid Open. Moreover, this is his 10th career title.

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His performance has been commendable and Rick Macci has made sure to use his example to pave a path for tennis coaches. He stated on his Twitter, When you see a player like @carlosalcaraz every detail at a young age like the grips, the swings, the serving, style, the mindset, the imagination, and how this has flowed into his game has set the table of what we are now seeing.”


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He left a short and crisp message for the coaches of young tennis players. Macci stated, “One bad grip or one word can change your destiny.” Garfia has proved through his game time and again that he is only getting better with his skills and confidence.

On the other hand, there is former US Open champion Emma Raducanu who has faced the brunt of her slump. However, Rick Macci has come in her defense quoting that she can get better.


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Rick Macci sides with Emma Raducanu 

The British tennis player could not gain her momentum back, and this has hurt her WTA ranking. She is currently out of WTA 100 ranking.

Despite that, Rick Macci came out in her defense in the Tennis Unfiltered podcast. He compared her to Venus’ greatest rival Jennifer Capriati who herself went through a slump. However, she came back and won three major titles and one Olympic gold. Macci believes that the technical part of Raducanu’s game is great and that she will surely be back on her reigning streak.


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