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Naomi Osaka’s Inner Fangirl for Lewis Hamilton Unveiled as She Discloses Her Sole Purpose of Watching ‘Drive to Survive’

Published 11/20/2023, 2:13 PM EST

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Everyone is allowed to be a fan of someone, even the top athletes as well. In a recent update on Instagram, 4-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka put up an interesting story. The Las Vegas Grand Prix has created a lot of buzz in the tennis community. While fans have seen the likes of Serena Williams and Venus Williams grace the F1 event in Miami in the past, no one knew about the fandom of the Japanese star, until now. However, Osaka’s way of telling us about her favorite F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, was quite different from the rest.

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Lewis Hamilton has etched his name in the history books as a legend of the sport and has been a fan-favorite for many years. Thus, it was only natural that Osaka was more inclined towards him than anyone else in F1.

How Hamilton’s fashion pit stops drew Naomi Osaka towards F1


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The glitz and glamor of the Las Vegas Grand Prix is not necessarily where the engines roar but where style takes the center stage. In the midst of the racing fervor, Osaka’s social media lit up with an interesting surprise. However, this wasn’t a glimpse of a high-speed maneuver on the track. It was Lewis Hamilton, strutting in a clean and glittery outfit at a pre-race event. 


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Osaka, being the fashion aficionado she is, couldn’t help but share her thoughts. Her Instagram story revealed a snippet from Hamilton’s dazzling runway. It was accompanied by a caption that spilled the beans on her F1 fascination and her habit of watching the Netflix docu-series, Drive to Survive. She wrote: “NGL there was a point when I was watching F1 Netflix to see his outfits.”


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It becomes clear that Osaka’s interest in Hamilton extends beyond his victories on the track. The racing icon’s style quotient captured Osaka’s attention, and this was not definitely not the first time. 

Osaka’s trendsetting fashion 


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Beneath the visor and racetrack allure, Naomi Osaka’s love for fashion emerges as a defining aspect of her persona. Osaka is well known for not just acing the serves but also for her unique style. She is a trendsetter in her own right. Her court appearances are a canvas where she effortlessly blends athleticism with runway-worthy outfits. 

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A closer look at her social media reveals a fashion aficionado who’s well ahead of the trends. So, when Osaka tunes into Netflix to catch glimpses of Lewis Hamilton’s fashion escapades, it’s more than just fandom. It’s almost as if a fashionista is paying homage to a kindred spirit. 


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Osaka’s admiration for Hamilton’s style becomes a fashionable rendezvous. The world of fashion is where the two icons can exchange nods. Do you think Hamilton will acknowledge Osaka’s admiration of his fashion sense? Let us know in the comments. 

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