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After a thrilling encounter, Coco Gauff made her way into the quarter-finals of the US Open. In a match that many anticipated to go either way, it was Gauff who made the full use of her thunder strokes as she etched a crucial win. Following her triumph over Caroline Wozniacki, Coco Gauff shared a heartfelt revelation about her father.

She humorously disclosed how her “nervous” father stopped attending her matches. Amidst this heartwarming moment, a disagreement between Gauff and her 62-year-old coach stole the spotlight.

Coco Gauff felt her father’s energy at the stadium


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In the post-match interview, following her crucial win over Wozniacki, Coco Gauff thanked her father and his unique way of supporting her. The World No.6 candidly disclosed that her dad stopped attending her matches in person due to nervousness.

“My dad isn’t in the box anymore bc he gets too nervous. He’s somewhere in 1 of the suites & he’s been apparently doing laps around the stadium. I don’t know if he can hear me right now, but I felt his good energy,” said Gauff. 


The heartwarming insight sheds light on the bond between a dedicated parent and a rising tennis star. It showed that support can manifest in unconventional yet deeply meaningful ways. However, just minutes before this heartwarming confession, she was in pure agony as she yelled at her coach, who was giving instructions on some crucial points.

Gauff erupts at Brad Gilbert during the middle of the set

In the match against Wozniacki that lasted three sets, there was a moment when all the fans present at the stadium saw the other side of Coco Gauff. After a disappointing performance in the second set, Brad was giving Coco some advice, just as any coach would do. However, amid the tense scene, she did not seem in favor of hearing any of it.

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Gauff had won the first set of the match, but Wozniacki came back to win the second set. It was in a crucial moment in the second set, with the score tied at 5-3, that Gauff turned to her coach, Brad Gilbert, and said, “Please just stop.


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This exchange may have shown Gauff’s determination to take control of the match. But it was something that many did not expect from her. She seemed frustrated with Gilbert’s advice and felt she needed to focus on her own game. While her coach had instructed her to patiently wait behind the baseline, the tennis star forced her way through and attacked relentlessly until victory (6-3, 3-6, 6-1).

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I showed that I was still in the match after breaking back. I started to go for my shots,” said Coco Gauff.


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Coco’s journey at the US Open so far has been nothing short of sensational. However, she bounced back from the fumble in the second set and won the match in three sets. Also, her father’s positive energy provided her a constant source of motivation to keep going amid the tough times.

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