American Veteran Coach Reveals the True Mastermind Behind Venus and Serena Williams’ Iconic Hair Beads

Published 01/04/2024, 9:46 PM EST

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When it’s Rick Macci, there’s always a tale that adds a whimsical touch to the formidable careers of Venus and Serena Williams. Being a veteran coach, Macci recently unveiled an unexpected facet of the Williams sisters’ success. This time it’s not just about the power shots or strategic moves. It’s about the meticulous craftiness behind those vibrant, jingling beads that have become synonymous with their fierce presence on the court. 

In his revelation, Macci mentioned his long-time friend Richard Williams as well. The star coach, without any hesitation, put forth an interesting story from when he started mentoring the Williams sisters.

Rick Macci on the beads of Venus and Serena Williams 


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Fans have often wondered about the story behind those iconic hair beads. This took center stage this time around. It wasn’t just a stylistic choice, there was a method to the madness. Let’s rewind a bit. In a recent tweet Macci said that he had curiously asked Richard Williams, the mastermind behind the Williams sisters, about the beads.

USA Today via Reuters

Macci wrote: “When I asked Richard Williams why both Venus and Serena had beads in the hair at age 10 and 11. The answer I got was Beyond Epic Marketing 101.” As per him, the response was nothing short of intriguing.


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According to Macci’s tweet, Richard Williams had a strategic plan in play. It was a move straight out of a manual of marketing. The cryptic yet captivating reply was: “So people like you would Notice and Ask.” Those beads weren’t just adornments; they were an intentional spectacle. They were more like a marketing ploy crafted with a touch of genius. 

Looking at the bigger picture, it is now obvious that Venus and Serena were not just playing tennis. They were orchestrating a narrative and building a legacy. The beads weren’t just beads, they were conversation starters. It was only to spark curiosity and conversation that would help the stars. Although, it seems like their era of dominance is finally coming to an end. 


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Serena’s farewell and Venus’ uncertain path

As the curtain falls on Serena’s illustrious tennis career, Venus remains the sole torchbearer from the iconic Williams duo. However, even she teeters on the edge, with one foot in the tennis world and the other poised to step away. 


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The impending departure of these tennis legends tugs at the heartstrings of fans, signaling the end of an era. Yet, as fans grapple with this heartbreaking reality, it’s crucial to acknowledge the immense contributions of the Williams sisters to tennis and beyond. Their legacy is beyond just victories and titles. They have shaped the narrative of a sport and inspired generations.

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