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Amid Rising Popularity of Pickleball, Billie Jean King’s Surgeon Reveals a Glaring Issue With the Newly Trending Sport

Published 09/29/2023, 6:37 PM EDT

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Billie Jean King has been a steadfast advocate for gender equality and an inspiration to athletes around the world. The iconic tennis legend continues to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, thanks to her dedication to fitness and exercise. Tennis has forever been at the center of her focus, which she plays routinely. However, amid the flooding popularity of pickleball, questions emerge about its security and possible dangers. King (79), while fascinated by the game, has expressed reservations about pickleball due to the noise it generates.

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More significantly, her orthopedic surgeon has voiced concerns about her interest in pickleball. The surgeon pointed out the increasing number of injuries associated with this much-loved sport. Billie Jean King shared her experience with the sport and explored the critical issue.

Billie Jean King’s orthopedic surgeon sounds the alarm on rising injuries


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Pickleball, frequently depicted as a hybrid of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, has encountered a transient ascent in notoriety. The game’s accessibility, simplicity of learning, and suitability for players of any age have added to its newly discovered fame. Pickleball courts are growing in numbers by the day, and elite athletes are enthusiastically embracing this sport. Billie Jean King’s interest in the sport was exciting yet short-lived.

In an exclusive interview with Parade, King talked about how the pickleball noise has proved to be a critical obstacle for her. The distinct sound created by the pickleball paddle striking the ball is significantly stronger than tennis, causing discomfort for certain players. However, the tennis veteran had troubles with a crucial factor of the game.


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Billie Jean King shared, “I’ve tried it a couple of times, but I have trouble with the noise. Plus, orthopedic surgeons keep telling me they’re seeing back and knee injuries from pickleball.”

The gentle sport of pickleball is suitable for those wishing for a less demanding alternative to sports like tennis. In any case, the rising injuries in pickleball, particularly for veteran players like Billie Jean King, make viewers question its effect on joints. It appears to be that the game can be testing, particularly assuming one is transitioning from other racket sports and making rapid strides.


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Several fans question bold predictions of Pickleball’s ambitious ascent

Pickleball has seen a surge in popularity, particularly in the United States. There has been an increase in several tournaments and leagues, and many new professional players emerging. Steve Kuhn, the founder of Major League Pickleball, made a bold prediction that pickleball would become a top 5 sport in terms of viewership, challenging leagues like MLS, Major League Baseball, and the NHL. This claim has been met with skepticism from fans who believe it’s wishful thinking.

One criticism of pickleball is that it’s not as exciting to watch as other sports. It’s often played at a slower pace, which some appreciate for its strategic depth, but others find dull.


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Kuhn’s prediction stirred controversy, as many find it hard to believe that pickleball could rival well-established sports leagues. While pickleball is gaining popularity, it still has a long way to go before it can compete with the legacy of sports like tennis. The rivalry between the two sports appears to have just started.

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