Cancer Survivor Martina Navratilova Raises Voice Against Toxicity as She Sympathizes With Ailing King Charles

Published 02/06/2024, 3:02 AM EST

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Only those who have suffered truly understand suffering. As per the latest reports coming out from Buckingham Palace, King Charles has been diagnosed with a form of cancer. He is already receiving treatments that will prevent him from taking part in public duties in the immediate future. This announcement has brought in a stream of messages from his well-wishers including Joe Biden, Former US President Donald Trump, and many more.

Few, however, took a slight dig at the King on social media even during this tumultuous time. American tennis legend, Martina Navratilova, who is a cancer survivor herself, showcased her sympathy towards the ailing King Charles. She also called social media toxic, after seeing them use Charles’ condition as a joke.

Cancer survivor Martina Navratilova displeased by reactions to King Charles’ diagnosis 


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The 75-year-old monarch, who first sat on the throne in September 2022, spent 3 nights in a hospital last month where he underwent a corrective procedure for a benign enlarged prostate. The cancer was revealed while undergoing the treatment procedures. However, as per reports, although the type of cancer hasn’t been revealed yet, it’s reported not to be a prostate cancer. No further details have been shared on the stage of the ailment either. 

Buckingham Palace reported, that King Charles chose to go public about his cancer treatment because he had been a patron of several cancer-related charities when he was the Prince of Wales. But the toxicity that was seen surrounding this news on social media has made Martina Navratilova quite concerned. She recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to express her sympathy towards the King. “This place has become so toxic, it’s just sad,” wrote Navratilova.


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King Charles has also gone public about his prostate treatment to encourage more men to get prostate checks. He has begun a series of treatments and is now looking forward to returning to his duties as soon as possible.


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Navratilova chose to stay away from the negative people who didn’t give her the energy

At the start of 2023, the 67-year-old American tennis legend had revealed that she was suffering from both throat and breast cancer. This was the second time she was diagnosed with this disease after successfully overcoming a similar illness in 2010. She underwent chemotherapy and later was declared cancer-free.

During that period, Martina Navratilova explained how the fear of dying had put a lot of things into perspective. She acquired the skill of distancing herself from the people who hurt her well-being. She said, “When your health is at a crossroads like that, everything else takes second place. First, you have to get healthy. And I just learned to… I learned to really cut the chaff, you know. Stay away from people that don’t give me the energy, that suck it out of me.”


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Navratilova added, “At the same time, I try to give the energy to people. But, you know, it needs to be a symbiotic situation, not a one-way ticket. So I’ve stepped away from the one-way people.” Just like the tennis icon, many are praying for the quick recovery of King Charles and are hoping he finds a way to get back amongst his well-wishers.

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