Coco Gauff, the young American tennis sensation, has once again expressed her admiration for her role models, Venus Williams and Serena Williams. The sisters, who have long been considered two of the greatest players in the history of the sport, have left a lasting impression on Gauff and countless other aspiring tennis stars. In a recent interview, Gauff shared her thoughts on what makes Venus and Serena such inspiring figures and how they have influenced her own journey in the world of tennis.

At just 19 years old, Coco Gauff has already made a name for herself on the WTA Tour, showcasing her immense talent and potential. With a powerful game, exceptional athleticism, and maturity beyond her years, Gauff has drawn comparisons to both Venus and Serena Williams. As a fellow African American woman in the sport, Gauff has looked up to the Williams sisters as trailblazers and role models.

Coco Gauff shares how the Williams sisters have helped her and talks about their ‘fun’ side


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Coco Gauff has always mentioned how Serena and Venus Williams have been sporting role models for her. Since her teenage years, she has been playing against the sisters. In fact, Coco Gauff rose to popularity after defeating Venus Williams.

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During an interview with The Guardian, Gauff shared her admiration for the sisters. She also added how they are in real life. Coco said, “They’re complete opposites of how they present themselves. They’re goofy, fun people, that’s the coolest part.” Further adding to the interaction she has had with them, she shared during the interview what the sisters have taught her. She said, “They taught me you could be yourself and still be intense on the court.”

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The young star revealed that the sisters have taught her the importance of self-belief and perseverance, both on and off the court. Coco Gauff’s admiration for Venus and Serena Williams serves as a testament to the sisters’ enduring influence on the world of tennis.

Gauff’s parents played a major role in nudging her toward sports


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During the same interview, Coco Gauff also shared the role her parents have played in her career. She said that her parents had studied at top sports colleges. Her father has a record in basketball and her mother in track.


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In fact, Coco Gauff also talked about the fact that if it weren’t for her parents’ guidance, she wouldn’t be where she is today. They have been a guiding force for her in shaping her career.

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