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Days After Making Elon Musk Show His Obscure Side, Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Urges the Billionaire to Dish Out ‘Family’ Advice to Entrepreneurs

Published 05/08/2023, 8:58 AM EDT

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Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian are two people who show how important it is to spend time with one’s children. The two share several moments with their daughter Olympia Ohanian with their followers on social media. Recently, Ohanian is on a spree of sharing child-rearing methods on Twitter. Additionally, he counseled the Twitter CEO and owner, Elon Musk, on how his platform could improve.

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Ohanian made Musk break character as he left a message for the Reddit co-founder. In the same thread where he gave suggestions to Musk, Ohanian showed his undying devotion to his wife and daughter. Impressed with the fatherly and husbandly dedication, Musk left an unlikely message for Ohanian.

Serena Williams’ husband on how Twitter can take a better direction


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In a Twitter thread where Ohanian was true to his nature and praised his family, he also found a way to join it with his professional life. The Reddit co-founder talked about how spending small moments with his children can improve his day. His words evoked an out-of-character reaction from the CEO and owner of Twitter, Elon Musk.

After Musk replied to the entrepreneur, Ohanian asked him to join in his venture and talk about his family as well. He reasoned that the platform would fare better if the owner himself also talked a bit about his home life. He stated, “You should speak more about how you think about the time you spend with your kids. Lots of folks out here, including me, would be interested (and better off hearing you talk about it).”


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‘Wow Elon Musk Did It’ – Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Can’t Believe $41 Billion Offer to Purchase Twitter

Alexis Ohanian evokes a rare reply from Elon musk

Alexis Ohanian is someone who flaunts his relationship with his daughter and wife every chance he gets. With another child on the way, the Tweets and Instagram stories will only increase. In a Tweet he shared recently, Ohanian talked about how small moments with one’s children can be powerful. He added that one should make the moments count as much as one can and be completely present in the moment. 


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His devotion to his children melted all hearts, but Elon Musk’s reply to the thread was nigh unexpected. Ohanian’s dedication to his family even made Musk change his usual self. 

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