‘Don’t Know About All This, Daddy’ – Serena Williams’ ‘Toothless Cutie’ Olympia’s Puzzling Reaction to Father Alexis Ohanian’s Hunt Will Warm Your Hearts

Published 03/19/2023, 6:13 AM EDT

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Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, and their five-year-old daughter, Olympia, have discovered a new hobby together. Yes, after cooking, baking, and reading books, they have gone to the next level. The doting father is teaching his 5-year-old fishing. And seeing the new experience, their fans are adoring the amazing father-daughter duo.

The Reddit co-founder and his daughter are quite famous on social media for their productive pastime activities. They play games, spend time watching Disney movies, go on hikes and cook innovative dishes, among other activities. But the Reddit co-founder also takes time to teach his daughter some very interesting pass time activities that are actually a part of his life.

Fans adore Serena Williams’ daughter’s weird fishing expression 


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The Reddit co-founder took to his Twitter account to give an inside look at how he is spending his weekend with his five-year-old daughter. The father-daughter duo were out doing some amazing fishing practice together. In that picture, the 39-year-old American entrepreneur was looking excited as he finally got his hand on a fish. However, Olympia was not impressed with the way the fish looked, and made a weird expression when she saw the fish.

The doting father wrote, “Mindset: team ’em to fish.” Additionally, Ohanian followed that up with another tweet, “Lol yeah that fish went RIGHT back.” 


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However, regardless of the fish situation, the expression on Serena Williams’ daughter’s face is what amazed her fans. They filled the comment section adoring the facial expression of the five-year-old. Few fans explained the toothless weird expression. A fan wrote, “LOL Olympia is like… uhmmmm I don’t know about all this, Daddy.”  While the others adored the five-year-old, “She’s such a toothless cutie 🥰 ahh she looks adorable!”

Here are more comments reflecting the same emotion.


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Moreover, seeing the fish situation, the doting father really doesn’t care about the outcome. But he enjoys fishing with his daughter and likes to create memories together.

Williams’ husband felt thrilled to see his daughter fishing

A few days ago, the Reddit co-founder shared an Instagram post in which the amazing father-daughter duo were seen fishing together, trying to reel out a fish caught in the fishing rod.


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While sharing this adorable video of them catching a fish together, he expressed his feelings and shared that he has no idea what he was doing, but he was cluelessly happy that he was spending time and creating memories with his daughter. Being a father is a full-time job, and his dedication to the same is something that makes the American businessman stand out.



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