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81YO King Richard ‘Willpower’ Williams’ ‘Pure Genius’ Unveiled in a Stirring Confession by Childhood Coach of Venus and Serena Williams

Published 10/09/2023, 6:27 AM EDT

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Raising kids to live up to their potential is not an easy task, and Richard Williams knows everything about that. In a recent tweet, Rick Macci enlightened everyone about Richard’s genius. It is no secret that Venus and Serena Williams revolutionized tennis as soon as they stepped into the professional circuit. Macci, along with Richard, coached the sisters throughout their early childhood.

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Recently, Macci shed light on Richard’s strategy to make the sisters unbeatable. Serena made a name for herself by winning multiple titles. Similarly, Venus Williams went on to become not only a legendary player but also a fantastic entrepreneur.

What did Richard want from Venus and Serena Williams?


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This is not the first time that Macci appreciates Richard for his excellent parenting. As a father and as a coach, Richard treated both his roles very dearly. So, Macci highlighted when someone asked him about his friend’s genius. This is what he said:

“Was asked about the Pure Genius of my best friend Richard Willpower sorry Richard Williams. He wanted @serenawilliams and @Venuseswilliams to always Laugh Smile and be Happy. He also wanted so very bad for them to LOSE Every Day in practice matches. Compton Street and Court Smart.”


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The first line is enough to understand Macci’s respect for Richard. With humor, Macci addresses Richard as Richard Willpower, hinting at how he made not one but two careers through his sheer willpower. Macci explained further how the man always wanted to see his kids happy. However, there is a different side to this story as well. According to Macci, Richard wanted the sisters to lose daily in practice matches.


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Richard wanted the kids to taste defeat in the practice matches. So that they wouldn’t want to lose out there in actual matches. Whatever the reason might be, this approach was quite unorthodox. Yet, it proved successful, and that is all that matters.

Richard’s support of his daughters when they turned pro

Both the sisters turned pro quite early. Coaching his daughters before that was only a minor step. Richard’s real battle came when he had to prepare Serena and Venus, both mentally and physically. The sisters spoke about this many times, crediting their dad for everything.

Richard acted as an anchor, ensuring the sisters performed better than their last match. If not for Richard, the journey of being the stars they are today would have been even more challenging for Serena and Venus.

It looks like Macci is a long way from dropping his tweets without mentioning Richard or the sisters. However, fans are always enticed by how he brings out those tiny stories. Trivias are always interesting, especially when the source is Rick Macci.

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