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42-Year-Old Venus Williams’ Final Tournament Forecasted With an Emotional Serena Williams’ Touch by Renowned Coach Rick Macci

Published 04/11/2023, 10:24 AM EDT

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Serena Williams retired last year after a career that spanned more than two decades. However, her older sister, Venus Williams, still plays in tours around the world. But her current performance has not been indicative of her glorious career. There have even been quite a few rumors of retirement but no concrete news so far. The old coach of both sisters, Rick Macci, also believes that Venus’ retirement may come soon. But he believes it will come in a rather different fashion.

Williams won her first match in 18 months for the first time this year. After struggling for quite a long time, the older Williams sister won her match in the Auckland Classics.

Rick Macci believes in Serena Williams and Venus Williams


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Age is something that no one can escape. Aging is inevitable which is most unfortunate for athletes. Venus Williams is a legend of tennis by all means. However, the seven-time grand slam winner is not able to keep up with today’s competition. Venus is currently ranked 677 in the world.

Retirement may come soon and Rick Macci believes that it will come with all the glory. Macci believes that she will win retire at the US Open this year. Further, he predicted that she will play doubles with her sister and both will leave the sport for good. He added that if they actually play again, they could win tournaments.


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On Venus Williams’ possible retirement, Rick Macci said, “I think she’ll retire at the US Open. I think she’ll play doubles with Serena & they’re going to exit the stage left at the US Open. But obviously, if she still plays.. Believe it or not, I think they could still win tournaments”.


Even though he is quite confident that Venus could perform well in doubles, he is doubtful of her playing in singles tours. He said that all the injuries that she has experienced could take a toll on her for the worse.

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I have no insight. I’m just going on my gut. Because I think with injuries and she hurt her hip in the last tournament, it’s hard with the injuries. And I think she knows she’s not going to win the tournament,” he said.


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Venus  has shown her tennis prowess from a very young age. Even if she chose to retire, her fans would bid her goodbye with tears of happiness.



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