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‘I’ll Make Her Look Slower Than Molasses’ – Serena Williams Once Challenged to Take Down Venus Williams in Exchange for a ‘Green-Day’ T-Shirt

Published 06/04/2022, 12:41 AM EDT

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Serena and Venus Williams were fierce on-court rivals. They grew up practicing with each other. Over the years, fans have been fortunate to witness some eye-catching tennis action between the two sisters. Further, in the 31 matches played between them, Serena has triumphed on 19 occasions. Recently, Serena and Venus’ childhood coach Rick Macci recounted an interesting incident during their youth days.

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Rick Macci on Serena Williams’ unforgettable incident


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During an interview, Macci narrated an incident involving the two sisters. He said, “It was the middle July, 110 Warner court training, Venus on one court, Serena on another and a lizard would come across the court, he couldn’t make it to the other side, he’d die. That’s how hot it was. So Serena’s out there with the hitting partner. I go meet her. Name, Serena Jameka Williams. I go meet cause I never call her Serena and I go you gotta move your feet. She goes why? I said you told me you want to be number one.”

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Further, he added, “Now remember, she’s 11 and she goes, I will be number one and I said, well what do I got to do to get you to move your feet. Richard wasn’t there okay. He was off somewhere. So she goes Rick I’m really hungry can you have Scott go to the snack machine, get me some hot curly fries, a snickers bar, a Pepsi and on the way to work, daddy drove by a stand. I want one of those green day t-shirts and I go wait a minute.”


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Talking about Serena challenging Venus, Rick said, “So if I get to snickers bar the curly fries the Pepsi, and Scott gets you the green day t-shirt are you gonna move your feet? She goes, Rick, you see that tall skinny girl over there? That was Venus. Venus was like built like that. She goes, I’ll make her look slower than molasses.”

Macci opens up about Serena’s attitude

Fulfilling Serena’s wish, Macci said, “So I had Scott go get the snickers bar, the curly fries, the Pepsi. I said Scott, on the way to work on Linton Boulevard, get a green day t-shirt. He brings all the stuff back. She goes under the canopy, she has her snack for one hour straight. She’s hitting with a guy 450 in the world. He played one for Congo, Davis Cup, whatever that means but he was good. They’re ripping groundstrokes down the line cross-court one hour straight, popping the popcorn, extra butter, the feet non-stop, no water.”



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Moreover, he went on to add, “Sweats coming off this little girl like Niagara Falls. It gets to be 3:15. I’m on the other court now with Venus because they were side by side because hey Rick, I’m done. It’s 3:15 and you better have that green day t-shirt here in the morning. Now you got to remember, that’s that attitude, that pit bull that you saw at the US Open and that’s why she’s went down as the greatest ever.”


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Recently, the entry list for Wimbledon Championships 2022 was released. However, Serena and Venus’ names were missing from the list in the singles competition. Thus, fans will have to wait a little longer to see the Williams sisters back in action.

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