‘Keep Your Hands to Yourself’- Coco Gauff Fans Mince No Words as They Rip Apart 61-Year-Old American Tennis Icon for Derogatory ‘Grand Slam’ Remark

Published 09/11/2023, 7:29 AM EDT

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Coco Gauff recently hit a new career milestone as she won the first Grand Slam of her career. The young American sensation reveled in her victory after a difficult season. After her victory, she sat down for a panel discussion with Pam Shriver and Chris Evert, where she mostly ignored Shriver. As the video of her not paying her much attention went viral, fans praised her for not giving Shriver any heed.

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Fans praised Gauff for ignoring a veteran as she made a bitter comment about Gauff’s career. The tennis veteran said that the 19-year-old player would not win a slam in her entire career. She was lambasted by tennis fans worldwide, and they still carry that anger with them.

Coco Gauff fans love her gesture


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After winning the US Open in blazing fashion, Gauff has reached the first major highlight of her career. After her final bout, she sat down for a panel discussion where she talked with Shriver and Evert. Near the end, she lifted her trophy for the crowd to see, but Shriver tried to pat her on the back before that. However, Gauff did not focus on the gesture and did what she wanted to.

Her fans loved that gesture and continued to hound Shriver as her prior comments on Gauff blew up in her face. 


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One fan of Gauff simply relished the moment and said they loved to see it.

Another fan enjoyed the moment while stating that they did not forget her comment towards Gauff.

One user loved the moment because Gauff got to raise her US Open trophy in front of someone who did not think big of her.

A user said that Coco Gauff was a better person than herself. With a funny GIF, she indicated that she would have shown her petty side by pushing Shriver’s hand away had she been in Gauff’s place.

Some athletes in the past did not call out those who spread negative information about them, but new ones are doing it more often. This move of not lying down was much welcomed by one fan.

Gauff not putting on a façade was much loved by a fan, and they further said that Shriver’s comments will not be forgotten by her anytime soon. They further said her post-match speech included talking about her haters.

Another fan mentioned her post-match conference, where she said that she knows the names of those who did not talk well about her, Shriver being one of the names.

One fan wrote an angry comment, scolding Shriver to keep her hand away from Gauff.

Another fan barked at Shriver to keep her hands away from the American sensation.

Yet, another fan joined in and said that they would shower to get her gesture off of them.


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One fan of the 19-year-old praised Gauff for not paying attention to her.


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Shriver drew immense flak when she made her first comment about Gauff a few months ago. Now, the young American sensation has proved her wrong. But the disdain for the retired American doubles star has not died down and will persist for a while to come.

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