It is no news that Venus Williams and her sister Serena Williams are two forces to be reckoned with when it comes to tennis. But it’s not just tennis that has drawn millions of people to become their fans. It is their resilient attitude, undying spirit, and entrepreneurial character that makes them stand out even off the courts.

The Williams’ sisters have left a mark in the world not only because of their phenomenal on-court play but also because of their immense confidence and outside-the-box thinking. In an interview, Venus Williams opened up about the amazing confidence she and her sister have and shared how it was instilled in her and what is the reason behind it.

Venus Williams shares the secret of her and her sister Serena Williams’ confidence


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Besides being a wonderful tennis player, Venus Williams is a successful entrepreneur and the epitome of resilience, determination, and hard work. Both Williams sisters are known by their fans for advocating things that matter in society except their honing tennis playing skills.

Being so supremely in the eyes of the world, everyone at some point in time questions them as to what brings them such immense confidence to get things done.

In an interview with the People in 2017, Venus Williams shares how this confidence has been instilled within her and Serena and who is responsible for it. She said in 2017 to People, “We were taught to make decisions and to believe in ourselves and to always have an answer. It’s the attitude of, ‘The impossible is actually possible’ and, ‘Making the impossible happen is like eating breakfast.’ That’s the childhood that I had. That was something that Mom and Dad instilled in me, equally. Both forces pushing [me and Serena] towards that.”

As expected, King Richard and his wife are 100% responsible for shaping not only the careers of their daughters but also their character and that shows in every move the two sisters make.

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Recently Venus Williams portrayed a boost of confidence as she posed for a new shoot for Lacoste. In the interview, she shared that what gives her the confidence to feel her best self is to look her best self.

Venus opens up a tip that makes her feel her best self

As Venus Williams completed her recent shoot for Lacoste, she was interviewed by the interviewers at People. In the interview, she also talked about what works for her now. She mentioned that looking at her best self makes her feel more confident.


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Further adding to the same she said that something that makes her feel comfortable and allows her to function well is what she loves to style and that is the one thing that makes her feel more focused and in control.

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