Chris Evert may have been a formidable tennis player, but she’s equally strong off the court, having defeated cancer twice. Upon receiving the second diagnosis, the eighteen-time Grand Slam winner resolved to permanently end the cycle. This time, she had an extraordinary motivation to endure the tough battle: her newborn grandchild.

Last year, the former world number one revealed that the malignant disease had returned, two years after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Recently, she sat down to have a conversation with the New York Times and talked about her resilience to get through the problem, while talking about her grandson.

She stated, “I’m in love with this little baby already. It makes me want to live even more.” The 69-year-old tennis icon became a grandma a few months ago on Friday, May 24. Nicholas, her son, and his spouse Rebecca welcomed a son into the world and the former World No. 1, overcome with emotion, thanked them for increasing the family’s happiness and affection.


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Although it was a thoroughly uncomfortable process, Evert did the whole chemotherapy routine yet again last year. “Doctors are always hopeful,” she told the Times. “Obviously, if something returned the second time, there’s more of a chance that it’s going to return. Some people have cancer once and it goes away, and they live for 30 or 40 more years. That’s a wonderful story. It’s not always like that. But my doctor told me I won’t die from this.”


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Now she has an even bigger family to look forward to! Evert posted on social media in May, “My son Nicky and his wife Rebecca welcomed their first child, Hayden James, into this world last nite..Thanks for bringing more love into our family; so proud of you two..” Although this 18-time Grand Slam champion has been married three times, her second husband, Andy Mill, is the father of all three of her sons.

Last year, Nicholas Mill wed Rebecca, his partner. Amid the felicitations puring in, even Billie Jean King came forward to congratulate Chris Evert on her new post amid the good news that she was becoming a grandma!


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The tennis superstar and lifelong friend, King, expressed her happiness for the American legend and her family as they celebrated this wonderful milestone.

Billie Jean King congratulates dear friend Chris Evert on her new role 

Evert and King have had a close friendship for a long time. King maintained a strong relationship with the former WTA player throughout Evert’s early fight with ovarian cancer, much like Martina Navratilova. Billie Jean King congratulated the 18-time Grand Slam champion right away when she became a grandmother.


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King said, “Congratulations,” to her long-time friend, celebrating Evert’s new role in the family. Even after facing so many ups and downs, the former world’s number-one was on cloud nine with the news of becoming a grandmother.

Nevertheless, what are your thoughts on Evert’s little motivation to beat cancer? Do let us know in the comment section below.