Mental Health Advocate Naomi Osaka Sends a Heartwarming Message After a ‘Caption’ Catches Her Attention

Published 12/12/2023, 4:40 AM EST

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Naomi Osaka’s unwavering commitment to mental health is a new narrative of taking a step forward to rename the game, where mental health is quite important. The 26-year-old tennis player recently made light of the difficulties that come with mental exhaustion. Subsequently, the four-time Grand Slam champion recently had the perfect opportunity, as she shared a heartwarming message in a caption that won her heart over.

Well, what does mental health look like? A common question has prevailed not only in the sporting arena but in the world in general. But now the former world number one-ranked tennis player has shared an aspect of what struggling with the same looks like.

Naomi Osaka shares an aspect of mental health 


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Naomi Osaka has been smashing stereotypes to redefine what it means to be strong on and off the tennis court. Recently, she took to her Instagram account to share a post that was shared by a popular Japanese personality. The post was about how, after struggling with mental health himself, he has now finally gathered the courage to take a bath. Looking at it, after sharing the post, she wrote, “Caption got me; we love you, take care of yourself.”

Taking care of yourself is also a huge dilemma when it comes to dealing with mental health. In addition, Osaka was also quite in love with the humorous caption, regarding how, after receiving a lot of sympathy from people, his friend has finally taken a good step for himself by going for a shower.

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Nevertheless, being a flag barrier for mental health herself, earlier this year the Japanese tennis star shed light on the modern-day acceptability that is growing in the current scenario. Let’s take a look at what the 26-year-old has to say about the current state of mental health scenario.


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Osaka shares the current state of mental health 

A few months after becoming a mother, in an interview with Yahoo! Finance, the four-time Grand Slam champion talked about how things have changed in the tennis world, which is gladly turning things better.

She said, “So, I feel like the people that didn’t feel as comfortable or the people that didn’t really think that it was OK to talk about mental health are now talking about it and seeing that it’s acceptable too.” Although sometimes mental health can be seen as a sign of weakness, now it holds a different meaning. Looking into the positive change, Osaka is quite content with how her efforts have come out with a positive effect.


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Nevertheless, what is your take on Osaka’s mental health concerns? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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