19-Year-Old Coco Gauff Gives Cheeky Deadline on Marriage While Heaping Praise on Tennis Mom Elina Svitolina

Published 01/07/2024, 2:58 AM EST

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Coco Gauff seemed to be quite cheerful and confident as she entered the 2024 season. Starting her journey with Auckland, the rising star not only showcased her confidence through her speeches and social media posts but also resonated it on the courts with her amazing performance.

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As Gauff defeated Elina Svitolina in the ASB Classic finals, she didn’t just live up to the expectations of the fans but also dropped surprise bombs on them. While she started by complimenting her opponent on being a tough competitor along with being a mom, she swiftly dropped hints that might be the next step to a family plan.

Coco Gauff hints at a major step in her personal life

After a remarkable victory against Elina Svitolina in the Auckland Final, rising star Coco Gauff said words that came out as a surprise for the fans. As she generously took a moment to express her admiration for Svitolina’s quick comeback after becoming a mom, she also dropped hints of walking on the same road soon enough.

“I’d like to congratulate Elina & your team. What you do, being a mom, coming back so fast at such a high level is inspiring,” Gauff said, presenting her respect for her opponent’s high commitment levels. What made her speech special was her swift way of dropping hints for future steps in her personal life as she added, “Hopefully, not any time soon, I’ll be able to do it like you did.”

As the tennis star dropped this surprise bomb of taking a major step, the statement is sure to bring a pack of queries to her side soon enough. However, it still remains to be seen how she reflects on the statement later on. That being said, the world has seen many tennis moms dominating on the courts.

WTA Moms dominating the season

As Coco Gauff expressed her admiration for Elina Svitolina’s quick comeback after becoming a mom, her comment didn’t just walk alone but found support among many similar ones this season. Besides her, tennis veteran Victoria Azarenka also came forward to appreciate the fact that several tennis moms are stepping back into the game after becoming moms.

“I’m very excited to see players are coming back,” she announced, considering the recent comebacks of players like Naomi Osaka. “I’ve said it a few years ago already. I think that we broke the stereotype that you can’t play tennis or be an athlete and have family. This definitely has been broken and it’s actually evolving more and more.”

As the veteran presented a remark for breaking stereotypes, her verdict surely added a point that would make every tennis star think about being back even after major life changes. Witnessing such great tennis moms, Coco Gauff will surely feel confident to start a family soon.

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