Serena Williams and Meghan Markle Put Months of Fallout Rumors to Bed in a Surprise Reunion at Florida

Published 04/12/2024, 9:52 PM EDT

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Serena Williams and Meghan Markle have been close friends for many years now. As close friends, one would expect the other to attend an important event, such as a baby shower. Markle’s absence at Williams’ second baby shower kicked up a whirlwind of rumors of a tiff between the two. However, the two recently put every instance of speculation to rest.

Adira River Ohanian, Williams’ second daughter, was born in late August 2023. To prepare for her welcome, the Williams-Ohanian family threw a lavish baby shower, which was attended by many close to them. However, the Suits actress was absent from the videos and posts shared by the family. Her absence made the followers of the Williams and Ohanian that the two were no longer friends.

However, the two decided to wake up and change the narrative that had been brewing for the last many months. They were recently clicked while hanging out, and a fan shared a picture of their recent meetup. They added the caption, “Friends everywhere! Thee Serena Williams and Meghan Thee Duchess 🥹,” to drive home the point of the two having reunited after a long time.


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Markle’s absence from the baby shower of Williams would be covered by every news outlet out there. Their recent meetup should put the rumor to rest, as Williams even made peace with 


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The rumors of a tiff fired up as the two had not been seen in each other’s proximity after the birth of Adira River. However, the two simply could have been busy with other things in their personal lives, which could have impeded them from meeting. They first met in the 2010 Super Bowl and then crossed paths again in 2014 and have been close since. Therefore, Markle’s absence caught immense fire. Along with the media, the royal biographer also shared harsh words for her.

Royal biographer calls Meghan Markle a ‘taker’ instead of a ‘giver’ after missing Serena Williams’ baby shower


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As the controversy spread around the world, the royal biographer Angela Levin also had her say. During an interview with GB News, she chastised Markle for missing Serena’s special day. Levin added that when it comes to this, “Meghan is still very much thinking about herself, what she’s going to do, how it’s going to be and how she can use people to move on and climb up the ladder … she’s a taker rather than a giver.

The reason behind her absence has still not been revealed. Life gets in the way many times, and Markle has not had an easy time in the last two years as the drama with the royal family continues to brew. However, her friendship with Williams seems secure as the two are seen laughing with each other, and Williams even hugging Prince Harry; one can assume that they have put any issues behind them. 


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