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Serena Williams’ Childhood Coach Turns Poetic as the Legendary Duo’s Nostalgic ‘Troubles’ Era Fuels Emotions in the 68-Year-Old

Published 10/03/2023, 3:22 PM EDT

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On the tennis courts, barely any name reverberates as effectively as Venus and Serena Williams. Their stunning journey from the public courts of Compton, California, to the top of tennis has enamored the world for a long time. However, their remarkable achievements along don’t define their legacy; it’s also the indomitable spirit they brought to the game. Recently, their childhood coach, Rick Macci, took to X to share an idyllic and poetic reflection on their doubles partnership. He affectionately referred to the legendary sisters as ‘Troubles.’

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In his ardent tweet, Macci shipped tennis fans back in time. The 68-year-old evoked the memories of alleyways, crispy toast, and second serves. The coach was able to shed light on the enduring bond between two iconic American sisters.

Rick Macci shared a poetic tribute to Venus and Serena Williams’ ‘troubles’ era


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In his nostalgic journey, Macci embodied the path of Serena and Venus Williams’ exceptional journey as a doubles team. His tweet highlighted the remarkable triumphs and difficulties they encountered together.

The ‘Troubles‘ era, as Macci affectionately named it, was a demonstration of the sisters’ unwavering commitment to each other and their craft. The Williams sisters, known for their predominance in singles, also made a permanent imprint on the doubles court. With their combined efforts, they turned into a relentless power, striking trepidation into the hearts of their rivals.


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The 68-year-old coach addressed the sisters’ ability to cover the court with their unbelievable speed and nimbleness. The sight of the American sisters patrolling the alleys was a sight to behold, as they left no space for their opponents to exploit. Macci shared on X, ” When @serenawilliams @venuseswilliams played doubles we called it troubles. The alleys were left open like 7/11. The middle was closed permanently.”

The coach also explained, “Breakfast was serving extra crispy toast. Lunchtime was munch on 2nd serves. Dinner was all you can eat and a free tattoo.”

By the tweet, Macci emphasized the sisters’ athletic net prowess. Their volleying skills and tactical brilliance often left rivals with no room to maneuver and sealed the net as a no-entry zone.

Macci’s nostalgic tweet fills in as a reminder of the effect Venus and Serena Williams have had on tennis and the world. It’s a testament to their enduring legacy, their devotion to one another, and their ability to motivate tennis players for years to come.


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Macci recently praised Serena for her remarkable athletic prowess

Macci managed to shed light on Serena Williams and her remarkable yet distinctive athleticism.It hinted at the latent excellence ready to be unleashed upon the tennis world. His tweet swiftly captured the attention of tennis enthusiasts and analysts worldwide. Within it, the coach painted a vivid picture of 13-year-old Serena Williams displaying astonishing skills that transcended the tennis court.

According to Macci, the young American prodigy effortlessly executed a precise spiral pass with a mini football from the baseline. She had managed to soar it over the back fence on the opposite side.


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Macci’s tweet unveiled Serena Williams’ extraordinary “teenage GOAT” capabilities. The qualities that earned her the title ‘teenage GOAT’ continued to define her as she ascended to the pinnacle of women’s tennis. The 23 tine Grand Slam champion along with her sister has left an enduring legacy on the tennis courts.

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