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‘She Has an Amazing Kidney’ – Venus and Serena Williams’ Childhood Coach Rick Macci Hilariously Teases King Richard’s Saniyya Sidneyy

Published 04/16/2022, 7:43 AM EDT

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Serena and Venus Williams have been two of the most popular tennis players of all time. Both of them have multiple records to their name. Recently though they have been seen on the court less and movie premiers more! This is for the movie “King Richard,” which is about Serena and Venus’s father and long-time coach Richard Williams.

The movie which also traces their growth as players had some great performances, like that of Will Smith in the titular role, or even Saniyya Sidney as the young Venus Williams. Other than playing the role of the path-breaking Williams sister, Saniyya has another connection to Tennis. She is associated with Rick Macci, Venus and Serena’s coach when they were rising stars.


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Rick Macci posts an adorable video with Saniyya Sidney

In the video that Serena and Venus’s coach posted, he apologized for not giving Saniyya a timely birthday present, He then goes on to say a poem, which seems like it’s self-written by the star coach for the actor!

“Little Venus has great feet. But most of all, she’s genuine and sweet. Her career has come very far. I think in the future, she’ll become a superstar. Okay, she has a big heart. She has two lungs, and she has an amazing kidney. I’m just telling you, this kid’s gonna be great, watch out for Sanaya Sydney,” the poem went.


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The young actor, who seems genuinely elated to receive such a special gift, giggles in the background. Macci then asks Sidney, who her favorite coach of all time is, and Sidney readily replies “Rick Macci!”


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Why is Macci important to the Williams sisters?

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Rick Macci was the first big coach both Serena and Venus had, and he was instrumental in the shaping of their careers. He first started coaching Venus, who would eventually help her sister learn too! But, it was at his academy that they found themselves and started to hone their skills in a way that guaranteed that they would be formidable opponents to everyone.


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It seems that Saniyya is also taking Rick Macci’s help. He keeps posting about her potential as a player and a superstar, and we are certain that Macci is indeed right about it!



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