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‘She Was Like a Pitbull’- Former Serena Williams’ Coach Finds an Intriguing ‘King’ Richard Flashback to Lay an Undisputed GOAT Claim on the Legendary American

Published 04/29/2023, 10:41 AM EDT

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Richard Williams left no stone unturned to ensure that his daughters grew up to become professional tennis players. While both Venus and Serena Williams were supremely talented, it was Serena who always showed more potential. She also had a lot of hunger to improve her game.  Eventually, that hunger made her the most successful tennis player in the Open Era, as she won a whopping 23 Grand Slam titles during her career.

Recently, Rick Macci, who trained the sisters alongside their father and his friend, Richard Williams, shared a fascinating insight regarding Serena. The veteran tennis coach who also coached the likes of Maria Sharapova and Andy Roddick took to Twitter as he delved deep into the past.

Richard used to liken Serena Williams to a pit bull, claims Macci in his tweet


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After Richard Williams committed to making pro tennis players out of his daughters, he could see the immense talent that his daughters had. However, when it came to hunger and desire, Serena caught his eye. During the period, Richard Williams and Rick Macci trained the sisters. Richard would often share with Macci what he thought about his talented daughters.

Recently, Macci, who frequently shares insightful stories regarding the Williams sisters through his tweets, tweeted again.


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This time, Macci tweeted, “As a kid, @serenawilliams always showed special unique intense inner qualities. Richard always said she was like a pit bull.”


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Macci ended his tweet with a dash of humor. “She was an animal but instead of a dog it turned out to be a goat”. Despite the humorous conclusion to Macci’s tweet, the statement will resonate with tennis fans worldwide. Macci often recalls his experiences with a young Serena to motivate young players.

Macci’s telling contribution towards the Williams sisters’ success


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There’s no doubting the role the William sisters’ father played in making them successful. However, Rick Macci taught them the basics they needed to master. The iconic coach oversaw the sisters’ development from 1991 to 1995.

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Despite Richard Williams’ ambition, the fact is that he had never played as a professional tennis player. However, his friend Macci had been a promising professional player.


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During the 1980s, Macci successfully transitioned to a coaching role. Macci’s success as a coach also allowed him to start his very own academy in Florida. Williams’ decision to relocate to Florida and enroll the sisters in Macci’s academy ultimately proved to be a stroke of pure genius.



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