‘Slip and Slide, Get Wet and Sweat’- Venus and Serena Williams’ Insane Athletic Strength Revealed in a Rare Confession by Childhood Coach

Published 03/07/2023, 12:20 PM EST

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The world knows Venus and Serena Williams as two of the greatest tennis players of all time. Their skill, determination, and athleticism have earned them countless titles, accolades, and fans worldwide. In a rare tweet by, Rick Macci, fans get a glimpse into the incredible athletic strength of Venus and Serena Williams.

The legendary coach played a vital role in shaping their careers. In a recent tweet, Macci revealed some of the unique training methods that Venus and Serena used to develop their incredible strength and endurance.


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Macci tweets a glimpse into Venus and Serena Williams’ training days

According to Macci, the Williams sisters did kickboxing, taekwondo, and dance. The sisters loved training on the brutal Haines City Gravel Pit. This was a place where Venus and her little sister, would climb up from 20 feet down and slip and slide. The sisters would smile through their rigorous training.


This revelation by Macci is truly remarkable, as it shows just how dedicated Venus and Serena were to their craft. They were not content to simply hit balls on the court or lift weights in the gym. They wanted to push themselves to the limit and develop their athletic abilities to the fullest.

The Haines City Gravel Pit was not an easy place to train. It was a rough and rugged terrain, with steep inclines and loose gravel.

He tweeted,” @serenawilliams & @venusewilliams did Kck Boxing Tae Kwon Do and Dance. But the leader in the clubhouse the Compton Comets loved was the brutal Haines City Gravel Pit where VW and little Meek would climb up from 20 feet down and slip and slide get wet and sweat smile and run a mile.” 


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In addition to the Haines City Gravel Pit, Venus, and Serena also trained on the tennis court for hours every day. They worked with Macci to develop a plan for their careers and set goals for themselves.


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The coach shares his praise for the sisters in a podcast

Macci recently appeared on the Parenting Aces podcast, where he discussed various aspects of tennis players, such as their unique characteristics and athleticism. Macci emphasized the importance of taking a holistic approach to training and building players. The coach also discussed about Venus and Serena Williams. He expressed his opinion that athleticism is the most crucial factor in a tennis player’s success, followed by genetics.

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About Serena Williams, the 68-year-old coach mentioned that her mental game was crucial and revealed that she had a playful side. He also commented that she possessed exceptional anticipation skills on the court.

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