Sports Analyst Suggests Serena Williams Is Considering Retirement Post Loss Against Naomi Osaka at Australian Open 2021

February 21, 2021 11:00 pm

After her 2017 Australian Open triumph, Serena Williams has contested in 11 Grand Slams, seeking her 24th Major. Of the 11, she has lost in four finals, two semifinals, one quarterfinal, and the other four outside the last eight.

This strenuous journey has taken its toll on the tennis queen. Accordingly, the American professional left her post-match conference in tears after her recent loss at Melbourne Park.

Last Thursday, the eventual champion, Naomi Osaka, defeated her in the 2021 Australian Open semifinals. Previously, the Japanese star had denied Serena Williams the 2018 US Open title too.

Tennis – Australian Open – Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia, February 18, 2021, Serena Williams of the U.S. during her semi-final match against Japan’s Naomi Osaka REUTERS/Loren Elliott

Considering her previous losses, American sports analyst Stephen A. Smith has suggested that Williams’s loss is bigger than Osaka’s win. Following that thought, he tried to illustrate the American’s mindset.

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Stephen A. claims Naomi Osaka can be a reason for Serena Williams retiring

“It’s one thing to lose and to feel like mortality has kicked in and it’s shining brightly in your face because of age, attrition, etc. But you can still hold on for one more which I am hoping Serena Williams will do,” Smith said.

However, if Serena is the past, Naomi is the present and the future. And as long as she is on the women’s tour, it’s going to be difficult for anyone, let alone the 39-year-old American, to get past her.

Tennis – Australian Open – Women’s Singles Final – Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia, Japan’s Naomi Osaka celebrates with the trophy after winning her final match against Jennifer Brady of the U.S. REUTERS/Kelly Defina

Hence, Stephen believes that it could be plausible for the four-time Olympic Gold medallist to be considering retirement.

“But I think that she’s contemplating it strongly in my opinion and I think where you saw the tears coming from is that there is one conspicuous wall standing in her way. And that’s Naomi Osaka,” Smith said.

He elaborated on the situation Williams is in by saying, “When you have that one conspicuous wall standing in front of you and you can’t seem to get over the hump, that’s when it becomes a bit more humbling and difficult to take.”

Above all, Serena Williams is a passion-filled tennis player, and she will return to claim what belongs to her. Considering her performances in the tournament, she looked in great shape and will continue a strong 2021 season.

Do you think Williams will find her 24th Major title before retiring?

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