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‘Sweat Pouring off This Little Girl Like Niagara Falls’- Ex-coach Reveals Taxing Trainings of Venus and Serena Williams

Published 04/26/2022, 8:25 AM EDT

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Serena Williams, the American tennis star, has 23 Grand Slams under her name and is one of the best tennis players on WTA. She turned pro in the year 1995 and at the age of 16, she challenged her skill set by playing games such as ‘Battle of Sexes’ alongside Venus Williams. Later, she enjoyed the fruit of her hard work as records that will take decades to break. Although we have seen the mature and settled side of Serena when playing professional tennis. What about the young pre-debut Serena Williams?

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Recently, Serena’s former coach, Rick Macci, sat down for a podcast and spoke about both the Williams sisters. He disclosed how they behaved while preparing for their debut in tennis as pros.


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Rick Macci Shares a Story About Serena Williams

Rick shared a fun story recently from the days back when he used to train young Serena and Venus Williams in Crompton. He said,We are on the court. It’s July, okay. 110 degrees. So Venus is on one court. Serena is on another. And I told Serena you gotta move your feet, and she looks at me, and goes why? I said you say you wanna be number one. Now she goes, she is 11, I will be no.1.”

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 Thereafter, Macci explained the real reason as to why she wasn’t moving as much as she should on the court. It was not the heat, but hunger. He said, “She goes Rick I am really hungry, can you have Scott go to the snack machine? I want some hot curry fries, a snickers bar, a Pepsi and today daddy drove by a stand that were selling Green day t-shirt. Can you have the T-shirt?


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VIDEO: Serena Williams Shows Her Fit Body as She Prepares for Wimbledon Championships 2022

And I said if I get you that, will you move your feet? She goes, Rick, you see that tall skinny girl (Venus)? I will make her look slower than molasses.”

Williams Is Built Differently

The right-handed tennis legend is well known for her aggressive style of playing. Serena Williams is a baseliner who can play on the net as well. Further, her endurance backs her entire game. But most importantly, the strength of her on-court mindset is second to none.


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According to Rick, it is something she always had in herself. As he shared that after getting her food she gave what she promised. He said,Serena goes back on the court for one hour straight. She is sitting cross-court down on the line with a guy like 450 in the world. Sweat pouring off this little girl like Niagara Falls no water break. And an hour straight just going berserk.”

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Further, he pressed on the fact that even though she was a child and rightfully acted like one, her spirit was on the level of any professional tennis player. “She wasn’t as mature as Venus. That’s why she turned pro at 16 and Venus at 14, but at the end of the day, I won, she won, Ricard won and the rest is history.” He added.


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Serena walked out of her first match at the Wimbledon Championship 2021 because of a hamstring injury. Since then she hasn’t played any sort of professional tennis. However, Serena hinted she might make her comeback on the greens of Wimbledon this year. It looks like she is willing to pick her game from where she left almost a year ago.



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