Tennis Fans Left in the Dark as 42-Year-Old Venus Williams’ Coach Makes an Unexpected Eugenie Bouchard Move

Published 03/13/2023, 7:49 AM EDT

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Tennis fans are left in shock as the coach of Venus Williams, Eric Hechtman, has made an unexpected move. While there are no official statements from Williams or Hechtman, speculations are rife about their partnership. Hechtman has made a name for himself in the tennis world. He has been instrumental in the incredible tennis journey of Venus Williams.

The announcement of Hechtman’s move to join Eugenie Bouchard‘s team has come as a surprise to many tennis fans. Bouchard, a former top-five player, lately has been struggling with her form.

Fans irked by the sudden move by the coach of Venus Williams


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Some fans are speculating that the move indicates the end of Hechtman’s partnership with elder Williams sister. However, others believe that he may continue coaching her until the end of 2023. Venus Williams, who will turn 43 in June this year, has not played a singles Grand Slam match since the Australian Open in January 2022.

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Hechtman’s decision to join Bouchard’s team has left many tennis fans puzzled. Some are wondering why he would leave a successful partnership with Williams for a player who has been struggling with her form. However, others are excited to see what Hechtman can do with Bouchard and are hopeful that he can help her get back to her best.


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The move has also sparked a lot of debate on social media. Many tennis fans have expressed their thoughts on the matter. Some are disappointed with Hechtman for leaving Venus Williams, while others are excited to see what he can do with Bouchard.


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One fan commented, “Venus Williams? 😭🥲🥺.” The sudden move has left fans wondering about the future of Venus Williams’ career, as she prepares to compete in the upcoming tournaments.

Some fans are speculating that Williams may already have a new coach lined up, while others fear that the split could signal the beginning of the end of her illustrious tennis career. A concerned fan commented, “what about Williams?? 🥲.”

Others also reacted in a similar manner.

Eric Hechtman has been instrumental in helping the former world number one improve her game and get back to winning ways. However, Hechtman’s recent move to join Eugenie Bouchard, who has struggled in recent years, has left many fans scratching their heads. While Bouchard is a talented player, her form has been patchy in recent years, and she has struggled to recapture the form that saw her reach the Wimbledon final in 2014.


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Some fans have speculated that Hechtman’s move to Bouchard could be an attempt to revive her career and help her rediscover her form.

Coach once had to answer a tricky conversation with Venus

In an old YouTube video, Venus Williams discussed with her coach Eric Hechtman, covering a wide range of topics. However, a particular question from Williams put him in a difficult position. He cleverly tried to avoid it, but the answer wasn’t satisfactory for the tennis legend. Williams asked her coach about the compatibility of their coaching relationship. She also added an open-ended statement, hoping for a positive response. The coach skillfully avoided the question and praised their different but effective coaching relationship. Williams was dissatisfied with the response, but the coach had successfully navigated a tricky situation.


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Regardless of the status of their partnership, Hechtman’s move to Bouchard’s team has certainly caused a lot of buzz in the tennis world. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what he can do with the struggling Canadian star.


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