Venus Williams, the legendary tennis player, shared her views on women’s pay equity in an exclusive interview. Venus did an effective job of fighting for equal pay in tennis. She spearheaded an important, protracted campaign to eliminate pay differences for tennis Grand Slam victories, especially at the Wimbledon Championships.

Venus Williams pushed Wimbledon to give women the same prize money as men when she was at the peak of her career. She ensured that men and women received equal pay in the world of professional tennis, a fight that is still ongoing in many other sports.


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Venus Williams advocates for equal pay

In an exclusive interview with the American Banker, Venus Williams said, “They say it’s not about money, but it is about money because with money we’re able to affect change. We’re not here to make all the money, but we’re here to be equal. And that is so important and it’s so important to talk about this issue.”

She further explained the importance of having these conversations.

During the interview, Venus further added, “It’s important for organizations to make it a part of their strategy, to make sure things are equal.” She also put in her experience as a 16-year-old going to Wimbledon and finding about unequal pay.

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Williams also added, “So it’s a problem across the board whether you’re in women’s sports, whether you are in the office, wherever you are.” 

Venus Williams argued her position, a day before playing in one of the longest matches in Grand Slam history, deafeating Lindsay Davenport to win the 2005 Wimbledon title.

Back in 1997, Venus broke through and spent the following two years consistently ranking in the top 10. She accomplished a rare feat in tennis by winning gold medals in singles and doubles at the 2000 Sydney Games.


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Venus invites her fans to start experiencing plant-based diet

In 2011, Venus was diagnosed with Sjögren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune condition that affected her day-to-day functioning. The 7-time Grand Slam champion did extensive research into how food affects our body, and how inflammation leads to the majority of chronic diseases. She also researched how to eat a healthy diet that agreed with her body. She added that their mother’s previous success with plant-based diet was an exemplary example to start.

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In a round of funding for athletes, Venus’ plant-based superfood company, Happy Viking, received $2 million in funding. Serena Williams, Kevin Durant, tennis ace Reilly Opelka, and basketball stars Isaiah Hartenstein contributed to the funding. The vegan protein brand sells goods with more than 60 mindful ingredients, including superfoods, probiotics, and delicious flavors.

Let us know what you think about Venus’ journey with a plant-based diet. Would you adopt a similar diet?