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‘..They Watching Me?’- Serena Williams’ Former Coach Reveals Elder Sister Venus Williams’ Puzzled Reaction to Loud Cheers From Her Debut Match

Published 04/16/2023, 11:29 AM EDT

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A good athlete’s abilities can be stretched to their absolute limit only if they have an excellent coach by their side. Coaches play a major role in an athlete’s success. A dedicated trainer always stays on top of their students. For any player to compete at an elite level, a top-level coach’s guidance is a must. Rick Macci is one such coach who majorly invested his time in the students he thought could become champions in the realm of tennis. The Williams sisters have set the right example to define the ability of Macci to mold players into a force to be reckoned with.

The two legendary sisters in the tennis circuit have shown phenomenal dedication to the sport, and so did their coach who was equally dedicated to seeing the sisters succeed.

The sisters and Macci had a close bond for the time they spent together at his academy. Recently, the coach shared a memory of Venus Williams when he was training her during her teenage years.


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Williams sisters’ coach Rick Macci shares a funny incident involving Venus

The American was hired as a coach by Richard Williams. In 1991, the sisters practiced together for the first time with Macci.

Serena and Venus were coached by Macci for almost 4 years. During their years of development, Macci and the two sisters got to know each other and shared some great memories together.


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Macci took to his Twitter handle to share an incident with Venus Williams. He talked about the debut match of Venus, which was held in Oakland when she was just 14 years old. He recounted that the sight of tennis fans at her debut match practice session puzzled her, prompting the 7-time Grand Slam champion to ask a very innocent question.

He tweeted, “When 14-year-old @venuswilliams made her debut in 1994 Oakland Calif. and over 350 people watched us practice! Her 14-year-old response was our they watching me or do they just like tennis! Love VW!

Rick Macci still reminisces about his days coaching the two sisters. In his interview, he shared some intriguing facts about Serena Williams.

Macci revealed humorous facts about Serena Williams

In his interview with Tennis Play, the 68-year-old American coach shared some facts about the ‘Queen of the Court’. Macci said that Serena had an immense love for fast food. He recalled an incident where Serena ordered a lot of junk food, including snicker bar, curly fries, soft drinks, and others. In addition, she also ordered an extra butter popcorn and requested Macci to get a Green Day shirt too.

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He also revealed that Serena was a ‘little prankster’. He said Williams used to question him when he asked her to move her feet on the tennis court while also detailing the notorious looks that Serena gave him when he was her coach.


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He said, “If the mental part is there, and listen, Serena was a prankster. I didn’t see it at first, but I saw she had all the time in the world. She knew where you were gonna hit it before you did.”

Apart from Serena and Venus, Rick Macci has also coached world-famous tennis players including Andy Roddick, Jennifer Capriati, and Maria Sharapova.


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What do you think of Serena’s reaction to the fans watching her practice before her debut match? Was Rick Macci best suited to hone the Williams sisters’ skill on the tennis court? Let us know in the comments below.



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