‘They Would Destroy Her’- Novak Djokovic’s Wild Fury Puts Persistent Serena Williams’ Discussion Back on the Table as Wimbledon Called Out for Blatant Bias Towards the American

Published 07/17/2023, 6:49 AM EDT

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Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz had a smashing final at Wimbledon. The two traded blows back-to-back, which kept viewers wondering which player would emerge triumphant. While the fans were on the edge of their seat, Djokovic became increasingly frustrated. After a point loss, he lashed out and broke his racket. Usually a moment for a penalty, this went unpunished, which angered many fans, especially fans of Serena Williams

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During the final set of the match, Alcaraz took a lead of 3-1 and set himself on the path to victory. While playing the fifth game, Djokovic lost a point after going up to the net. However, he failed to give a valid return and lost the point. Frustrated, Djokovic smashed his racket on the side post of the net, denting it a bit.

Serena Williams fans angered at no penalty for Novak Djokovic 


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As Djokovic smashed his racket at the post of the net, several jeers and boos followed the act. The event was followed by Djokovic losing the Wimbledon final and a chance to equal Roger Federer’s Wimbledon record. As the news broke of Alcaraz winning, the Djoker breaking the racket died down. However, it did not go unnoticed.

Djokovic’s behavior upset many fans worldwide. As he received no penalty for his acts, many pointed out the issue and said that if Williams were in his position, she would’ve received much harsher treatment.


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One user said that Williams would’ve become the center for immense lambasting. Along with a plethora of articles chastising her, they said many journalists would have asked for severe punishment as well. 

Another fan agreed that if Williams were to act in such a manner, everyone in the world would lose their minds.

Another user added to the above comment by saying that along with the lambasting, she would’ve received a hefty fine.

One fan of the Queen of the Court said that discussion is not something they should touch on.

One fan said that she would be immediately defaulted from the championship.

Another fan agreed and said that she would be hunted by the tournament organizers.

Yet another fan said that Williams would’ve been ousted immediately at the US Open.

Along with the officials, one fan said that even the crowd would jeer her till she collapsed.


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Williams has lost her temper in the matches less than 10 times, yet people will hold it over her forever was the opinion of one user.


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It was clear that many tennis fans did not enjoy the display of the Djoker. Already harboring a controversial image, the Djoker has now added to his faltering image.

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