Meghan Markle, best friend of Serena Williams, has had her fair share of struggles with the media in the past. The Duchess of Sussex was hounded by the British media for her splitting away from the Royal Family. It looks like the media spotlight isn’t going away from her anytime soon. However, this time, her professional acting career—not her personal life—is the subject of attention. The renowned talent agency WME, which had previously worked with the 41-year-old American tennis legend, added a gem to their list of performers a few months ago in the form of the Duchess of Sussex.

But even after teaming up with a renowned talent agency that is well known not only in Hollywood but also in the tennis world, it isn’t going smoothly for Markle. 30 days after parting ways with Spotify, sources reveal the Suits actress is now struggling to resume her career in Hollywood.

Serena Williams’ close friend Meghan Markle stuggling to resume her professional career 


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In April, Williams’ best friend joined her and signed with the popular Hollywood talent agency, William Morris Endeavor, but has yet to announce her comeback in the world of entertainment. However, there is a reason why she has not announced her acting project. She has pulled off this big move, but things are not going the way she expected it to go.

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In an exclusive interview with The Mirror, PR expert Kieran Elsby revealed the details. He stated that the Duchess of Sussex is struggling in Hollywood despite hiring a hotshot talent agency. Elsby said, “However, it’s been three months since the news broke, and we’ve heard nothing since.”

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On the other hand, Kieran also stated the possibility that there might be a project in consideration. And she doesn’t want to announce anything until she is sure about the work. Well, it won’t be wrong to say that after breaking up with Spotify, Markle is taking her time to get the right project for her.


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But not just her, even her husband, Prince Harry, is also a part of the deal that was made with the talent agency.

Meghan Markle’s husband’s connection with Williams’ talent agency

According to Variety’s account of the relevant development, various WME departments will collaborate to propel Meghan Markle’s creative and business efforts to new heights. The department will also pay attention to general brand-building and partnerships, as well as her film and television productions, in addition to taking care of her Hollywood representations.


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In such a way that the agreement also entails representing Archewell Inc., a nonprofit that she and her husband, Prince Harry, co-founded. It was also planned to focus on her Spotify show. But their recent split has allowed them more time to work on her acting return.