‘Thought She Was a Black Cat’- American Star Coco Gauff Reveals Weird Superstition Surrounding Her Mother at Indian Wells 2023

Published 03/15/2023, 10:45 AM EDT

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Both on and off the tennis court, 18-year-old Coco Gauff is having a great time. She is having success in singles play, thereby spending quality time off the tennis court with her mother. But how does it feel to have your mother once in a while on the tour? The teenage tennis sensation recently shared a weird superstition about having her mother on the tennis circuit.

The 18-year-old tennis star has made her way to the quarterfinals of the Indian Wells tournament. However, on the singles side, she is still climbing up the ladder, but on the doubles side, along with her partner Jessica Pegula, they faced a defeat in the round of 16.

Coco Gauff jokingly shares a superstition regarding her mother


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The world’s No. 6 tennis player in a post-conference interaction, after she won a really close call match against Peterson to enter the qualifying finals of the tournament. The tennis star talked about a lot of things regarding how she went off the rails with the doubles match. And she also talked about an alarming superstition about having her mother by her side after a long time.

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The tennis pro responded with a funny comment and teased her mother as a black cat. She said, “Yeah, it was great. Almost thought she was a black cat because we lost in doubles yesterday and then I was losing today. I was like, yeah, you’re not coming. No, I’m just kidding.

Further, she also talked about how her mom always carries a positive attitude that helps keep her and her dad keep calm in different offbeat situations. And she also praised her for being by her side and thanked her for her gratitude. “I don’t think he would have gotten through today if she wasn’t sitting next to him.” she added.


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However, the grown-up Coco Gauff likes to listen to and follow her mother’s advice. But there was a time when her mother talked about how handling the tennis player was a difficult task during her adolescence.

Gauff’s mother on handling her during her adolescence 

In an old interview, Candi talked about how hard it was to handle her daughter as a mother and as a coach both at the same time. She also revealed that during her adolescence, she didn’t want to listen to any of her advice as a coach. 


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Nevertheless, to deal with this, she let her father handle the tennis part and would take care of the rest of the things. And then, she mainly focused on being a mom, making sure that she was doing her school work and having a social life outside the tennis world.



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