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‘To Keep Your Mouth Shut’ – Coach Rick Macci Details Significant Aspect of His Friendship With Venus and Serena Williams Father Richard Williams

Published 05/15/2022, 8:29 AM EDT

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Venus and Serena Williams are two of the most successful tennis players of all time. Over the years, the two have reached the heights of the game that most players still dream of. Going down the memory lane, the success of the two encompasses a number of people. However, two people that have undoubtedly played a major role in their success are their father, Richard Williams, and coach Rick Macci.

Released at the end of last year, the motion picture ‘King Richard’ gave a glimpse of how Richard Williams trained her daughters from scratch to become what they are today. Analyzing the film, Richard Williams was shown as someone who doesn’t listen to anyone. As shown in the movie, even though Richard sent her daughter to different coaches for training, he made them do what he wanted.


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Imagining the scenario, one may think how did everyone manage and gel with Richard Williams? Rick Macci answers the question.

How did Rick Macci manage with Richard Williams for four years?

As per the movie, Rick Macci became the first coach who trained both the Williams sisters. Training them in his academy in Florida, Macci took every necessary step to guide the two in climbing the ladder of success. However, like others, he also indulged in a number of banters with the over-possessive father, Richard Williams. However, even after numerous such incidents, the friendship of Macci and Richard Williams remains an example for the world. The two, to date, share a warm bonding with each other.

Recently, 6 months after the release of King Richard, Rick Macci finally revealed how he put up with Richard Williams for four long years. As per the star coach, it was the magical trick of being shut. Taking to his Twitter handle, he wrote, “Everybody asks how i put up with RICHARD WILLIAMS FOR 4 YEARS. Simple answer is the ability to keep your mouth shut sometimes is the ultimate leader in the clubhouse. By keeping your mouth shut other things open up for the better.”


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The much-awaited comeback of Venus and Serena Williams

Rick Macci and Richard Williams gave their all to train the two girls. The result? For years, the two ruled the women’s tour like no other player. Apart from being former World No. 1’s and Olympic medal winners, the two also won a number of Grand Slams. While Venus won a total of 7 Grand Slams, Serena, on the other hand, with 23 Grand Slams, holds the record for most Grand Slam titles in the open era.

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Recently, the two had a setback when they were forced to stay out of the tour for a while owing to injuries. While Serena last played at the 2021 Wimbledon, Venus on the other side, last played at the 2021 Chicago Open.

However, after being out for months, the two are eyeing an anticipated comeback at Wimbledon later this year. However, an official announcement by the two is still awaited.

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